We should also talk about what's good about the new update

Holy ■■■■, that’s awesome!

sure of that ?
we’ve seen Fredo and other extension developers fix bugs on the spot with an update a couple of days later, or add a tool to the existing ones quickly.

we’ve had to wait for four month to see a myriad of small fixes released because SU has policies regarding its update schedule. and some tools will never be upgraded, like the solid tools, despite their flaws.

Joint pushpull is, at times, buggy. it can get weird results, divide stuff in an unintuitive manner. it can be slow, and it contain far too many pushpull methods (I mostly use two).
SU would not release it that way.

oh wow, that’s a really nice example. I’ll keep it saved for the next time I have to explain it :slight_smile:

Will wait another week or two when I get though deadlines, but hopefully the snap works as I imagine it - then it will get worked into my process. Good on Z fighting and also will make use of the new lasso.

Regarding snaps: can the point be set outside or away from the component’s geometry? For example - I want to have an easier time adding bracing to a framing model - can the snap be a point where a vertical and horizontal structural member meet and then the bracing will snap relative to that point?

The snap can be outside the geometry, but will affect the bounding box, though

That snap feature looks incredibly useful :+1:

Can I trial 2023 on my laptop while keeping 2022 on my main PC?


your profile says you have 2021 studio, so you’re using the subscription right ?

Then no need for the trial, you can just install SU23 regular :slight_smile:
and yes, your subscription allows twho activations at the same time. it can be two versions on one machine (22+23) or two machines. (same version, different version, SU don’t care)

si yes, you can try SU23 on your laptop and still use 22 on your main PC

Thanks for that - I didn’t realise.

I recently bought a Surface Studio Laptop which is a great machine so I will download 2023 on there and see how stable I find it.

I changed from 2021 Studio to 2022 Pro as I didn’t get on with Vray (I just pay for somebody now to do my photorealistic visuals) and I prefer Undet rather than Scan Essentials for my point clouds.

Can somebody tell me where to change the SketchUp version in my profile as I cannot find it.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-10 à 13.16.59
top left, click on your icon, then the bottom one (the silhouette) and preferences.

it’ll lead you to a page with your preferences, it’s in the profile tab (you can also check your preferences in general to make sure they are up to date :slight_smile: )

I know I’m being a bit thick but although I can find that page I cannot see where to edit it? :thinking:

EDIT: Finally found it :+1: :grinning:

Was it in ‘Preferences’ ?

question answered in post below :+1:

@Wo3Dan “Was it in ‘Preferences’ ?”

Not quite: To be fair it was where I was told to look i.e. Name (Top Right) > Profile (Silhouette) > Preferences > Profile

So it was in ‘Profile’ :wink:

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I know the segment lasso tool from Photoshop as well, and would have been ok if the regular lasso worked as segments if you held down the Option key. But, the feature has to be able to work on iPad as well, so relying on the user having a keyboard and be willing to hold down a modifier (at the same time as balancing the iPad and using a Pencil), would have been too much to ask.

The good thing about the way lasso works now is that you can briefly click if you intend to do segments, and click-drag if you want the normal lasso behavior. No need for there to be a default.

Does it affect reported size of component with generate report or other plugins? Because that would suck…

If the snap is outside the bounding box, yes. If the snap point is part of the geometry, no.
You can use a separator element as a chain between two components. The separator win have two snap points.

that’s even better than a modifier key.

classic lasso works better on an ipad because of the pencil. with a mouse, simple clicks are better :slight_smile:

That is disappointing…

3D Warehouse seems to be having problems rendering at the moment. When it’s working I will add a link to my model.

I made a playable chess board using Snaps.

The screen recording shows how to get checkmate in two moves.

The model is only just over 400K. Here it is, if you have 2023.1 and want to give it a try.

Chess.skp (408.2 KB)

3D Warehouse finally rendered the model. It does show up an issue that I will pass on, in that SketchUp versions that don’t know about Snaps show axes symbols where the snaps are located.

It looks like the axes only show up in the thumbnail image.


The last time I updated, it defaulted back to “out of the box state” and I had to reset up all the document locations for my components, scrapbook, materials, toolbars etc. This time it was all exactly as I had it before, so big thumbs up for me.

Also I noticed that when moving items you can now grab an item by a hidden intersection with the item becoming transparent so you can place it. (the last part has been in SU for a while now but the previously you always needed to turn on x-ray mode or rotate the model around so you could sight the reference point.) ++good for me.

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WHAT!?! That second one is super saucy.