Sketchup 2023.1 - Copy and Paste problem!

Hi everyone,

I am facing a major problem that is greatly affecting my workflow. Ever since I updated to the 2023.1 version, I have been unable to copy and paste models, objects, or geometry from one file to another. As I work with multiple files at the same time, copying and pasting things from file A to file B is essential.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? I have tried a few tricks, but nothing has worked so far. I am feeling extremely frustrated. Please let me know if you have dealt with this problem with the new Sketchup update and if you have been able to find a solution. Should I downgrade to the old Sketchup version? What should my next steps be?

Thank you in advance.

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Bonjour, j’ai exactement le même souci. Je suis preneur pour une solution :pray:

There are already several threads on this topic. It is a known bug. There is a workaround for now.