Windows 11 support

It’s the Big Sur dilemma all over again… This time with Windows!

Roughly how long will SU take to support W11? Should I update straight away or hold off?

Windows 11 is not scheduled for release until later this year…?

And not everyone will be able to upgrade.

:thinking: Immediately!
:bulb:Then, you can share your experience! :wink:

(There are a good guides how to go back… :peace_symbol: )

Why? It shouldn’t be anywhere near that level of drama.

It’s a

- 0
+ 1

name update. Previous feature updates had a larger number of technical changes with less fuzz, and didn’t break SketchUp, so I’d be confident. (Although we remember what problems unexpected version numbers can cause…)

I’ve checked @paul.mcalenan. I can. I heard oct 20th as a potential release date.

OK then @dezmo, that sounds like a good idea :bulb:

@SeanB, I don’t think they expected drama with the Big Sur update tbh. So we never will know. (or we will, just when W11 comes out :joy:)

@aerilius, sounds good!

Similar drama as to when they switched from PowerPC to x86 :wink:

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Some people are currently using 11. Soon we will find a user that will try it and report back to the forum if there are issues.


I’m using win 7, does that help?

I wonder if these will be “self inflicted” as it seems so many have those here. :wink: