Windows 11 support

It’s the Big Sur dilemma all over again… This time with Windows!

Roughly how long will SU take to support W11? Should I update straight away or hold off?

Windows 11 is not scheduled for release until later this year…?

And not everyone will be able to upgrade.

:thinking: Immediately!
:bulb:Then, you can share your experience! :wink:

(There are a good guides how to go back… :peace_symbol: )

Why? It shouldn’t be anywhere near that level of drama.

It’s a

- 0
+ 1

name update. Previous feature updates had a larger number of technical changes with less fuzz, and didn’t break SketchUp, so I’d be confident. (Although we remember what problems unexpected version numbers can cause…)

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I’ve checked @paul.mcalenan. I can. I heard oct 20th as a potential release date.

OK then @dezmo, that sounds like a good idea :bulb:

@SeanB, I don’t think they expected drama with the Big Sur update tbh. So we never will know. (or we will, just when W11 comes out :joy:)

@aerilius, sounds good!

Similar drama as to when they switched from PowerPC to x86 :wink:

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Some people are currently using 11. Soon we will find a user that will try it and report back to the forum if there are issues.


I’m using win 7, does that help?

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I wonder if these will be “self inflicted” as it seems so many have those here. :wink:

My issue is it appears that my older version (2018) appears to license through IE. Windows 11 does not include IE so Sketch up shows offline when trying to add license. At least that was my guess.

Pretty sure that SketchUp 2018 doesn’t need IE. See my post here, for the most likely fix to the problem:

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Colin, thank you. If I follow that thread correctly I am supposed to add location? If I try that I get a message that says:

Sorry! You must be logged in.

Please close this window and sign in to SketchUp by clicking on the Account icon.

Look for it in the lower left corner of the modeling window.

If I click the login account icon it comes back to no internet connection.

Completely close SketchUp, then with Notepad edit this file:

C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\Resources\en-US\i18n.dat

Look for the line that says this:


Change the line to say this:


Save that change, and then open SketchUp again.

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You da man!

Thanks Colin


I am using Windows 11, early fast beta program.
I am currently using SketchUp Make 2017, since getting Windows 11I have had numerous sketchup freezes, I can access other open programs no problem, in SketchUp the cursor is just flashing and not moving. I have to Task Manager close SketchUp, the on restarting SketchUp and loading my file I was working on It ask to load the newest autosave, this happens about 80% of the time the rest I have to manually open the autosave file. Here’s the fun part, sometimes the autosave file when open and on the last component or group I was working on looks way weird, sometimes when scaling or moving a object or line before the freeze, on reloading the said component or object is warped, sometimes a 6’ piece is not at a weird skew and 100’ long, with weird triangle faces, its usually best at that point to either reload my last good save, or to scrap and component and make it new.
I have seen these crashes 10 times in a hour or once in 4 hours, when I can I try to let the freeze go or try to close SketchUp with the X and have it report to Microsoft the error.
But I am not daughted and will stive on with Windows 11 and SketchUp Make 2017

SketchUp 2017 will get no updates. Both it’s editions are beyond support.

You can try setting your old applications to run in Windows Compatibility Mode. See …

I know about compatibility options and have tried all, known and some rarely known, none help. And as to SketchUp Make 2017 not getting updated, God I hope not, it’s perfect as is, and should give years more of pleasure, to myself and many others, and with plugins still being made with us users in mind for compatibilty, then many many thanx to those said programmers.

I wonder how well graphics drivers are working at this early stage. What graphics card are you using? There is no gl653gl card.

I use a RoG GL753 Laptop, cant remember the graphics chip, but under Windows 10, even the beta, SketchUp rarely if ever froze or crashed on me.