Windows 11 compatibility with Sketch Up

I was new to Sketch Up but working a state-of-the-art 2022 graphics laptop from Digital Storm with a Windows Operating System. Sketchup was insane, it tore my projects apart (literally), every real issue with Sketch Up was enhanced x10, it was almost completely unworkable. I am however stubborn, so I completed my 4-hour projects in about 24 hours … When I figured out the real problem, I was rather peeved; the issue was Windows11. I had Windows11 removed and Windows10 put on my system (rolling back works if you previously used Win10). It worked; I can now actually work on Sketch Up. It is still temperamental, but it is workable. Unfortunately, I have only met one person who has run into this problem. So, along with the warning; Don’t upgrade to Windows11 I would like to know is this is happening across the board? Did you solution the issue another way? Are the usual Sketch Up issues really Sketch Up at all or problems with Windows across the board? Anyone? Thank you

It might actually help if you describe the issues in a manner that we can understand. Perhaps we can offer solutions then.
What are these usual sketchup issues to which you refer?
I have no issues running sketchup on Win 11.

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As I have moved to Win10 I no longer have the issues; spinning instead of turning, items literally falling apart, changing size, the program could not measure correctly, components sticking one to the other, component boxes encircling much of the project and incorporating all that they touched into the component even though nothing else was part of the component, without any interaction from me, hotkeys not working, etc., etc. etc. So many issues I cannot possibly delineate them here. At first, I assumed it was a learning curve, then my prof watched me work on fast internet, and saw it behaving badly as well. Post Windows downgrade I know that it wasn’t an issue of learning curve because most of the issues vanished completely.

Currently with Win10 it sometimes gets stuck on a function, and it takes a bit to get it to release, such as clicking on move and it decides to rotate instead whether or not I was using rotate prior to doing so (this is the one that is bugging me this evening, the pen also sticks). A few items such as that, after working on Win11 it still seems wonderful.

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Just checking you understand about the rotate handles that are part of the move tool. The small red crosses on each face will rotate the object rather than move it.

The Graphic Card in your profile doesn’t suggest this. Have you changed you system and not updated your profile?

I never to my knowledge fille out laptop information in my profile. So, whatever it says is probably incorrect.
As far as anything occurring is Win10, it may be learning curve, many things happen that are learning curve related but much of what was happening in Win11 was not. :slight_smile:
Example: in Win11 I used the orbit tool by getting in close to the object (right on it) and then turning it, but sometimes, way too often it acted like I was spinning it from far out. This was not learning curve related, I know to get right on the object I want to orbit. In Win10 the equivalent has happened but only once, I was right on the tool with orbit, but it acted like I was an inch out- nothing by comparison to Win11. But after releasing and restarting a couple times it orbited perfectly. My professor has coached me to ensure I was grabbing it securely. However, all the diligence in the world didn’t fix a thing in Win11. In Win10 it has happened only once and only a minor amount.

You must have done at some point as it doesn’t guess.
The Graphic Card you have listed is not normally associated with a high end graphic laptop.

Intel UHD Graphics

This Graphic card could be part of some of your issues. Make sure whatever graphic card you have that you have updated its drivers from the manufacturers site, don’t trust windows to tell you it is up to date.

Another example:
Win11 I was working on a component of windows. The door next to me, which was its own group or component shrunk. I saw it happen. It was not touching the windows; it was not highlighted; it was not within the component box. It was completely separate, its own thing. I thought that it had slide, but when I pulled it up, I discovered that it was then 2’ instead of 6’, without any interaction from me.

Again, while I was working in a separate component elsewhere in the field the walls of my building deleted portions and acted as though I have moved them, badly. A whole section gone or scrunched. Impossible to fix. Yet, I was elsewhere in the field, nothing moved, I was working in creating a component, in another region, far, far, away.

Once or twice, In Win10 I have deleted a cut out for a window or door and had the back wall, or side wall vanish as though I was touching them, when I am absolutely sure that I was not. In Win11 this happened a lot.

This could be due to incorrect tag usage.

No it was not an issue with bad tags. I have been studying sketch up for months now and whether you choose to believe it or not, I actually know what I am doing with the basics. I am neither incompetent nor stupid- don’t let my female name fool you.

Oh ok, I’ll leave you with it, sorry for trying to help.

I was providing a warning, not seeking assistance. If you have honestly not had issues with Sketch-Up and Win11; lucky you. But I suspect there are plenty of others who have.

Configuration of the system involved:
Digital Storm
11th Gen Intel (r) Core ™ i7-11800H
Manufacture Date: 11/05/21
Graphics Card:
Intel UHD Graphics
NVIDIA GenForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU
1GB Ram

Absolutely no problems with Windows 11 here, in fact for me it’s been more stable than Windows 10.
22H2, i9-9900k, 64Gb Ram, RTX2070 (Driver v 526.98)

Try going to the Nvidia website and get the latest drivers for your graphics system.

Make sure SketchUp is using the nvidia graphics card and not the intel graphics card on the motherboard.

I’ve been using Win 11 with SketchUp 2022 for a few months, it’s been flawless - I’ve not run into any issues specific to that combo at all.

If you’ve upgraded, rather than done a fresh install, there is a really good chance something else you have installed is actually causing the weirdness, rather than SketchUp and Windows itself.

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Good suggestion, and it is. Thank you

I will check but this is a very new system, thank you.

No trouble with Windows 11 after upgrading. My system is not as powerful as yours and I’m still using Sketchup Make

You wrote that the system is manufactured 1,5 years ago. So it’s highly unlikely that you have the latest drivers…