Windows 10 Creator Update

Has anyone installed this and can you give any comment? In particular, did it create any negative problems that affected you ability to use SketchUp?

I would kind of like to try the Paint 3D application and see if I could import a SU model but do not want to mess anything up. I have taken a model into 3D Builder and it worked pretty neat but it seems the only thing that is good for is for 3D printing.

I have been using SU since December. I am in the Windows Preview program. Currently there have been 3 builds since the Creators up date was released. My PC is a relatively robust piece if equipment. I have experienced NO issues with the program. The biggest thing I have noticed, 10 is not allowing small errors with hardware. I had to "clean out"device manager, duplicate entries etc. Another item of interest, I have been able to use the integrated graphics as well as the add-on graphics. The best outcome was when I removed a Radeon R9 card and replaced it with a Nvidia 1050ti. My system is Intel based.

Thanks for your reply.

Just out of curiosity, have you looked at Paint 3D? Is so, is there a way to view your SU model in It?


No problems for me with the Creators Update.

The only way I could get one of my Centaur models into Paint3D was to first import it into 3D Builder (via wavefront obj), allow it to ‘fix’ the model geometry, then save as 3mf, then load in Paint3D.
It is disappointing that Microsoft didn’t provide a Collada DAE import, unless I missed it.

Your model must be UV mapped for Paint3D to work its magic.
The 3mf file is a zip file, unzip it and you will see how Paint3D updates the texture image file.

Both Paint3D and 3D Builder require that the object geometry is a solid - it is important that every edge in the model must be bound to two, and only two, faces. This allows for the 3D printing aspect, which makes sense.

Surface normals are not preserved, so the model will appear faceted, but I’m not sure how a 3D printer would create the model, whether it does its own smoothing or not.

Well - that is pretty interesting. I have been kind of resistant to installing the Creators Update based on the previous post.

In particular, I would like to see the capabilities of Paint D given the previous post about the partnership between Trimble and Microsoft. Not sure that I want to upload my models to Remix but I would like a good way to make them available via a web page. From what little bit I have seen about Paint3D it looks kind of an interesting way to share equipment/product models. I opened one of my models in 3D Builder but it does not give you a format that you could then make available on a web page.

According to the earlier post about the partnership, it says that you would then even be able to share a model in PowerPoint. I would like to know more about all of this and how to it is all going to work.

In Paint3D, is there any way to edit textures is it just a vehicle for sharing your model?


Paint3D allows you to paint the model using a spray-can, for example, directly onto the texture while in 3d. You can still extract the textures from a model and paint in 2D in photoshop, for example, because the .3mf format is simply a zip file.

However, I expected more format support, and for display in web pages expected to see the gltf format being used.

As it is, Paint3D only supports the .fbx and .3mf format, which isn’t so useful for me.

Paint 3D doesn’t really share models, other than as an upload to remix3d, which is similar to Sketchups upload to the 3D warehouse.


Thanks again for the explanation. Once again, I think I am a little disappointed in what the end results of this whole relationship might turn out to be. I whish that EDG3D and Spread3D were still viable products as I think they come the closest to what I would like to see. Enscape has some promise and CLEV3R also has a lot of the features I would like to see but it is very expensive.

Maybe my desires are just too far off target.

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