SU 2018 issues, probably windows updates again?!

Good ol’ windows 10 has just installed some involuntary updates on my laptop again.

Now it seems that when I open a SU drawing, I can pan around/orbit/zoom in and out, but if I click on something then it freezes for 4-5 seconds. This happens every time I click on somehting!

I never had any problems with my Mac!!!

Any thoughts?


intel HD graphics system?
recent driver version installed?

more here:


This is all way over my head… It’s so irritating!

Is there any way I can make SU use the AMD graphics card on my laptop rather than the Intel one?

There should be a control panel for the AMD graphics card and you should be able to set it to be used by SketchUp. But likely the next Windows update will reset it to use the Intel GPU. You’ll need to check that and correct it after updates get pushed. Windows has developed a reputation for that.

With SU2018 Pro there is a script that helps overcome the lag problem.

Thanks DaveR, that seems to have done it!

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