Windows 10 1709 issue

I had a recent issue with the Select tool in SU 2014 freezing for about 5 seconds. I downloaded Make 2017 and the problem persisted there too.
I had recently installed W10 1709 and rolled it back to 1703 and everything is fine again.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so would you know if there is a proper fix on the way?

There are many threads about this already.

The problem is with Intel display drivers under Windows 10. Many people have solved this by installing a new version of their Intel driver directly from the Intel website. Or, if you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card in a laptop, make sure that its driver is up to date and that SketchUp has been set to use it.

SketchUp Pro 2018 has an available fix - see the Release Notes about how to activate it.

Yes I saw those, but all seemed to be relating to the Spring update which was working fine on the machine I purchased this summer. I’ve updated the Intel display driver and reloaded W10 1709. All is working fine now. Big thank you for your help with this Anssi. I can now go ahead and get SU 2018!

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