Select tool delays on Windows 10

Hello SketchUp Community!

Been looking long and hard for a fix to this problem, still struggling!
Installed Sketchup make 2017 on an MS Surface Pro 4, running windows 10 Pro, graphics card is an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.

One solution proposed here (Select Tool Delay) is to update the graphics card. Apparently the graphics card is up to date. I couldn’t find any driver updates.

Another solution proposed here (SELECT TOOL delay upon selection) is to roll back drivers. My device is brand new and does not have that function.

I originally downloaded a trial of SU Pro 2018 and discovered this select tool delay issue… I then uninstalled 2018, downloaded and installed SU 2017 Make. Same issues occurred. Uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled a third time. No resolve for the issue yet. Each time I chose Run as Admin to install.

Just got off the phone on a painfully long call with Microsoft who pretty much told me there is nothing they can advise on their end.

So no matter what I do, I have a minimum 5 second delay on the select tool.

Please help!

I understand your frustration as I too had this issue with the selection tool lag about every 30 days. I did all the tweeks recommended many times including uninstalling the graphics device and reinstalling it. What a pain.
Now about every 30 days the problem returns but all I do is REBOOT my machine, check SU to see if it’s lagging and if it is I REBOOT again. Typically it takes 3 reboots and the issue disappears until next month. Weird.
All my windows 10 updates are updated normally. Graphics drivers up to date.

SU2018 can be run with a patch / fix. SU2017 cannot.

Search the Technical Problems category as this issue has been extensively discussed.
There is likely a staff “pinned” post explaining how to set SU2018 to run with the selection patch.

@DanRathbun So I have to get pro is what you are telling me

Well their policy has been that they do not update old versions once new ones are released.
So, if this holds true, there will not be a patch for older versions.

But they could change their minds. However, all the previous complaints in all the previous topic threads have not yet resulted in a patch for those 2 older versions (2017 and 2016) “still under support”. This means the Pro editions really, as the Make editions have never received non-security updates after newer versions have come out.

And then, if your use is commercial in any way, you must use a licensed Pro edition.

Or Shop!!

Aha! Now I know what you mean. Just saw the announcement for SketchUp Shop for Web

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