SELECT TOOL delay upon selection

Windows 10 updated automatically December and SELECT TOOL for SU v2017 and v2018 worked only with lengthy delays (5-9 seconds) before selected object became active.

Per previous Users post, I rolled back my drivers one iteration and SU now works perfectly.

YouTube very quick video shows how:

Thanks to the typically great SU community!

So what do you do if you can’t roll back? I’ve had this delay problem multiple times. For a while the problem was gone, then returned. After the Fall 2017 Windows 10 update, SU worked perfectly for about five days. But then the select tool delay problem returned. The only thing I can think of that I did differently was to visit some on-line sites via Firefox. Visiting via Chrome caused no problems. Other programs caused no problems. I’ve removed selected update files, I’ve updated to the latest graphics card driver, I’ve tried different OpenGL settings under preferences - nothing works and it renders SketchUp virtually unusable. The select tool is one of the most important tools, and the delay makes SU a time wasting ordeal.

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