Should I install Windows 11 now?


Today Windows already told me to upgrade. Shall I update to 11 or better stay to Windows 10 ?
I mostly use SketchUp for my work. Just want to check if some of you already update

Thank you for sharing.

I updated my home machine to W11. I didn’t notice any disadvantages related to SketchUp.
(However, the customization of the W11 user interface is much more limited related to W10.)

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IMHO Win 11 is still half baked. I switched to Win 10 is its early days. I retrospect it was a mistake. I will not make the switch to 11 until necessary.

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Been on Windows 11 since it was released - no issues with SketchUp or Layout 2022.

But that’s not to say that you would have no issues…

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I guess if it depends on your point of view.

If you are a professional and you simply want stability and everything works great now, what the need? Unless there are specific W11 only features that you want.

Or if you want new and shiny and can live with the trials and tribulations of computers and are equipped to troubleshoot them yourself - then why not?

Remember only SU2022 supports Windows 11.

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I’ve been running SketchUp 18 on Windows 11 since release. I didn’t notice any issues yet.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience.
At least I now know there is no problem to run SKP 2022 on Windows 11 now.

I am not look for more fancy Windows, I just need stability to get my job done as quick as possible.
Update seems not necessary for me but Windows already asked me to do so I may have to update it soon.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I would argue a little about your interpretation of ‘no problems to run SKP 2022 on Windows 11’.

Whenever there is a release of SketchUp we try as best we can to test against the latest release OS software. With 2022 there was enough time to have tested with Windows 11 to say that it seems to be good. With macOS it has sometimes been harder, because Apple might release the update right before we do, and there have been a couple of SketchUp updates to cope with things we learned about macOS after the xx.0 release of SketchUp.

Windows 11 does seem good with SketchUp, and any issues you see are likely to also occur under Windows 10.

One very nice thing about Windows 11 is that it supports running of 64 bit x86 apps under ARM64 architecture. I am able to do a significant amount of testing with a few recent versions of SketchUp, running Windows 11 under Parallels on my M1 Max MacBook Pro. I haven’t heard from anyone about this, but a Surface Pro X ARM64 machine running Windows 11 should now be able to use SketchUp.

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