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Hello everyone I’m thinking of learning SketchUp software as it may prove helpful in my project. I have a couple of questions if anyone is kind enough to answer, I’ll be grateful:

  1. Unfortunately I’ve already upgraded my window to Windows 11 and I’ve just seen on the official website that SketchUp may not run on windows 11. I cannot revert back as my 10 day period is now over. Any solution?
  2. I have Hp pavilion with gtx 1650 graphic card and 8gb ram, I wish to know will this be enough for the software. I can upgrade but it’ll take some time (low in finances). I just want to know if it’ll be enough or not and should i proceed or juts stop and upgrade first?
    Thank you
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  1. Drop-kick your PC, or just be hopeful because there are lots of users who are on widows 11 and don’t seem to have any issues.

  2. That should work okay. But if you do anything too large you’ll start to notice choppy navigation, but this is usually solved for me by turning off profiles. (I need more ram too, even though I have 16gb. I would like 64gb)

“What are you wanting to do with SketchUp” , is the real question.

As @LinearGraphs says, it all depends on what you are going to model/render…

Where does it say SketchUp may not run on Windows 11?

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The SketchUp 2022 release notes includes this:

  • The OS support for SU 2022.0 includes Windows 11 and macOS Monterey.

If you have a reason to use an older version of SketchUp, it is likely to work ok, but we don’t go back to the older versions to test in new versions of Windows or macOS, and so the release notes for the older versions won’t mention Windows 11.