New guy needing startup SketchUp help



My HP ProBook 450 G1 64-bit machine is out of date, I’m guessing. Only 4gb ram, can’t load OpenGL 4.5.2. Dithering over whether to purchase a refurbished laptop. . . . Haven’t been able to get any the Viewers to work, either.

I found Sketchup Warehouse, uploaded the Instructables .skp file I’m attempting to open then downloaded it in Sketchup 2015 format. Also, attempted to install Sketchup 2015 (64-bit) onto my machine. (It appears 2015 is the oldest version available to download.)

Still haven’t been able to open that Instructables file (RooBee One.skp, a new diy 3D printer).

Any advice, please let me have it :wink: Thank you much,

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Hey! How’s the weather down there in Seedy Rabbits?

So this is what you’re trying to open? What happens when you open SketchUp? Will SU2015 open at all? Will SU2017?


(Slap my forehead!) I attempted to open the 2015 installer before it had finished downloading. Boy. . . . 2015 installed and I opened the 2015 download file from Warehouse. So, in the sublime phrasing of Rosanne Rosannadanna, “Nevermind.”

Guess 2015, then, is the latest version I’ll be able to use on this laptop.

The RooBee One file I opened is 13mb . . . hope there’s more to it than I’ve found so far (being new to Sketchup and all). Thank you much for responding to my question.

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Seedy Rabbits, that’s a new one for me :wink:


Good that you got it going.

As for the file size, there’s a lot of edges and faces. If the author had used components instead of groups, the file size would be somewhat smaller but there’d still be all those faces and edges.

My father went to school in Iowa City. He always referred to CR that way. :wink:


I would think that SketchUp 2016 would also run okay. The later the better.

SketchUp 2016 and earlier uses OpenGL 2.
SketchUp 2017 uses OpenGL 3, on Windows.

Your biggest challenge will be to find and install an Intel HD graphics driver suite version or higher. (Earlier than this, has a bug which cannot run SketchUp 2017, and other programs. They crash when trying to initiate an OpenGL context.)

You can install different SketchUp versions side-by-side on the same machine.
Each version will use their own settings, and plugins folders.


Dan, I think (I’m a basic computer user only) I have:

OpenGL 4.0 version 07-Oct-13 driver version
4GB Ram

I will try to load 2016. I’m guessing that will be my upward limit. Sound right? My ProBook 450 G1 reportedly has ability to accommodate 16GB Ram. Is there a graphics board hardware update I should consider, would you know?

Much appreciate the information.

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


IF SU2016 works and you do not update the driver. Then yes, that would be your limit. (Even older versions of SketchUp had some issues with older Intel HD graphics drivers.)

I know that there are newer drivers for the Intel HD 4th generation graphics. (I went through this on a test machine using HD4400 graphics.)

You can first check with HP support website and see if they distribute newer drivers.

If not, you might get GeekSquad or someone reputable to uninstall your driver back to Windows generic VGA driver, (restart in Safe Mode and then manually clean out any of the Intel driver files from the “Windows/System32” folder) reboot, and lastly, install the latest driver direct from Intel.


Dan, I kinda sorta understand what you’re writing. But, I think I’ll take the laptop and your directioins to a PC Geek around here to help.

So, If I upgrade Ram and graphics drivers, no need to ditch this laptop yet?

Again, thank you.

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Hey, I just installed (from HP) Intel HD graphics driver suite! This is a good thing, correct? Your comment led me to explore the HP site for Intel updates for my machine.

So, if I upgrade RAM, what must I upgrade to be able to run OpenGL 4.5.2 (last I checked, 4.0xxx was the best I could do. This was before I upgraded the Intel graphics suite above).


Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


You don’t run OpenGL. It is a graphics library (built-into graphics driver suites) that is used by other applications. It is the application code that decides what level (version) features of the OpenGL library to load and use.

As said above, and on the Requirements Help page, SketchUp 2017 needs OpenGL version 3 features. (Prior to that, version 2 is okay.)

Now, all that said, you may be confounding the requirement for Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2 for SketchUp 2017, with it’s OpenGL requirement.

You can go to Microsoft download, and install these components separately first, before running the SketchUp 2017 installer, and often the installation will go smoother.

These are the downloads for Windows versions < 10 (8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & older)


I’ll do this in the morning, when I’m mentally fresh. Just purchased more RAM, so hopefully all will be good soon.

Again, thank you.

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


@CyValley, … Now, back to your 4GB RAM.

EDIT: Whoops, I see I’m too late. (I took a break to watch the AL vs WA game.)

That is very low for a 64bit system, under which each application process can use up to 8GB each.

4GB is the minimum. 8GB or more is recommended. More definitely if you will be working with large models, and if you’ll be running other applications at the same time.


says you have two (2) DDR3L SDRAM, 1600 MHz, SODIMM slots supporting up to 16GB total. (You’ll put away the old memory currently in there, … either a single 4GB SODIMM or two 2GB SODIMMs.)

I don’t think it’s worth getting less than two 8GB SODIMMs.
You should bring the system up to max RAM.

(I like to buy direct from Crucial, as it’s a US company, and their prices are good. this kit at time of posting is 107 and change.)

… other choices see:

There are other manufacturers, such as:

and others, you’ll need to shop around.

Just be sure the memory specs match that of the crucial kit above. Ie:

  • DDR3L-1600 • PC3-12800 • CL=11 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • 1.35V


More great information. I ordered 8GB Ram to those specs thinking I’d couple it with the 4GB (hoping it’s in one slot, not two) for 12GB total.

I’ve been using AutoCAD 2007, Inventor 10 and CAM software on my offline XP desktop. Didn’t want to spend the money future upgrading that might be required. That desktop does what I need in my casting shop.

The ProBook 450 G1 I intended to use only for online communication. But now, of course, I’m using it for additional duties. I’m being dragged along the upgrade path regardless. . . .

I’ll order another 8GB module.

Brian C.
Cedar Rapids


Dan, whooo! I’m up and running with Sketchup Make 2017! (Even with just 4GB Ram for the moment.)

Key was updating the Intel graphics set, I take it. And, the MS software update, too (already had .NET 4.5.2 I was “informed” :wink: You pointed the way to those upgrades and advised me to max out on RAM, too.

Thank you and DaveR so much for taking the time to help me out with this setup.

-Brian Chapman
Seedy Rabbits, Iowa