HP ProBook laptop for SketchUp

Hi, I have to buy a new laptop and my budget is very limited. The bulk of my work is Office & Internet but I frequently edit AutoCAD and SketchUp files. I’m talking about very simple architectural models (max 5 MB). I’ve got a very good offer (€ 600) for the following notebook:

HP ProBook 450 G3
CPU i5-6200U 2,3 GHz
Display 15,6" 1920x1080
HDD SATA3 1GB 5.400 rpm
Integrated graphics (HD Graphics 520)
Windows 7/10 Professional
Ethernet + WiFi
DVD±RW Drive

Is this machine powerful enough to run SketchUp 2016 (simple models max 5MB) and small AutoCAD 2D files?

Thank you

I suppose that 1GB HDD is a typo, as I don’t think one can even buy a HDD that small any more? Maybe 1TB? But that’s not likely to be an issue…

The main thing I’d be worried about is the Integrated Graphics, as they have a very spotty record about adequate OpenGL support to run SketchUp. I don’t know about that specific adapter, maybe someone with specific experience can comment. At worst, you could disable hardware acceleration in SketchUp. That will make the SU GUI sluggish, but if this is just occasional use of SU on smallish models it might be OK.

Yes, the HDD is 1TB.

I would say that for the kind of work you describe the machine ought to be otherwise OK but you would need a graphics adapter (preferably Nvidia-based) instead of (in practice in addition to) the integrated Intel HD graphics.