Laptop recommendation please

Hi every one, I’m Tez and relatively new to Sketchup only purchasing this in the first lockdown in the UK. I run my own joinery company and have been looking for the perfect tool to design and plan our joinery and cabinet plans prior to turning on any machines. I love this SketchUp but my surface pro isn’t up the the task. Can anyone recommend a suitable devise I would like to stay with the HP envy laptop 15-ep0011na i7, 16gb ram. I do not now much about computers and I just do not want to buy the wrong one. Help

What’s the graphics card in that machine (or range)? I have a 7 year old HP Envy laptop, with only an internal Intel graphics card, and it works fine for medium sized drawings at least up to SU2020 - haven’t tried 2021 on it yet. Better if yours has nVidia graphics instead.

Worth trying on your existing machine, using the 30 day trial period, and with a model of the sort of size and complexity of your likely use cases.

I’ve used SU on my HP laptop for helping my brother plan his new kitchen and extension. It copes fine. But if you were to load it up with all the construction detail of the cabinets, it might begin to struggle a bit. But if you keep that level of detail just for constructing individual cabinets and their joinery, and have simpler outline-only cabinets for room layouts, you’ll probably be ok with it.

It also partly depends on how much you plan to use Layout, how fancy (and how quick) you want renderings to be for your customers to see what they will be getting. The fancier, the more powerful a computer you will want to have. But I’d say, give it a go with what you have, and only if your computer runs out of puff think about a new more powerful one.

Thanks for your reply John, the new laptop graphics is a nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Ti GB
if this make sense to you lol.

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Some sense, yes, and fairly good for Sketchup. Much better than integrated graphics, but not one of the higher performing nVidia cards.

Is it a laptop you have already, or one you are thinking of buying?

If you have it, nothing to lose by trying SU on it

No I’m using a surface pro at the moment but it not ideal for SketchUp. starts jumping around when my designs start become heavier. I’m looking for a replacement.

Well, I would look then in the Envy range to see what’s the fastest single thread processor you can afford, and the best nVdia graphics. 16 GB Ram and 2-4GB of video Ram should be enough for all but very heavy models.

There’s a very wide range of other laptop suppliers. The HP Envy range isn’t a bad place to start looking though.

Have you looked at other recent threads on this forum, too? There were one or two I remember seeing, within the last couple of months, but didn’t follow thoroughly.

Try searching for “laptop”.

Talk to the guys @ BOXX


I have to change my computer and don’t want to make mistakes. I used to have an ASUS UX302LG with a GEFORCE 730M (my laptop is 7yo). I used SU to model my stores and make simple files so I am wondering what are the things I should lok for (Graphic card, RAM…).

I asked on another forum but was not very well received because I wasn’t Bill Gates :frowning: So I hope I am doing things right.

Thanks in advance!