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We have similar histories…and similar age categories

I’m very new to Sketchup after working with AutoCAD for some time now and being less that enthused…

I’m wondering if you have experience working with interior systems furniture? I’m looking for a download that will let me adjust sizes, heights, colors and materials.
Any thoughts?


Hi Frank

Good to hear from you.

I must say that one area I find very disappointing is the 3D Warehouse, to the extent that I find myself drawing my own bathroom equipment rather than trying to work with the downloads.

I work with an interior designer, Suzy, who uses Autocad and very precise furniture sizes are important to her too.

While she might join me in working with Sketchup I think the lack of good furniture and bathroom equipment could stop her from fully embracing it.

The other problem we have is that Suzy draws out our surveys in super accuracy in Autocad but then I’ve yet to successfully import her .dwg files. I can trace over them but not edit. She’s drawing out another right now and I’ve suggested she sends me the basic file with no layers.

Any tips for .dwg import much appreciated!


Hello @willf and welcome to the Forum. Importing .dwg and it’s quirks, tricks and frustrations has been often discussed here. If you do a search you will see many discussions that might address your issues. If not then you can post a new specific question in the appropriate category using the New Topic button in the upper right corner.

Here are a few to get you started.


I am a retired engineer from the software industry. I use Sketchup to design nest boxes for Common Swifts (bird). In 2016 I won a Marsh Award from the British Trust for Ornithology for “Innovative Ornithology”. You can see many of my creations on actionforswifts.blogspot.com


Physics guy… doing some architecture.:mag::mag::infinity:


Hi everyone,
I just came to the Sketchup Forum, so let me introduce myself.
My name is Serge and I’m living in Luxembourg (Europe).
My profession is totally unrelated to Sketchup: I’m a management consultant specializing in corporate culture. But I’m 64 now and decided to slow down (which in certain periods works well, in others not so well), do only what I love doing and above all learn to make things with my hands. Therefore: learn woodworking - and then it became clear to me that I want to learn basic CAD skills, which is how I came to Sketchup. I want to use Sketchup to design woodworking projects.
OK - I’ll say it: it all started with that crazy idea to build an organ, three years ago. I have no yet started, and without CAD it felt totally overwhelming. I am a musician (oboe) and building and tuning pipes should be pretty straight-forward. But the rest: designing, planning, dimensioning, layout and positioning etc is beyond me at this time and I hope Sketchup can help me with that.
My skill level is all the way down there, but I’m learning and I like the logic and the concept of Sketchup.
I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017 and I looked at the Web-Version. The erratic behavior of my “Magic Mouse” in the web version is a no-go, so I believe I’ll stick with the Make version.


Hi everyone, I’m Miguel, I’m a graphic designer known as EM3Di.
I started using SketchUp for personal use. A few years ago I was in love with 3D and SketchUp was the first software I could use because it was easy to use, I started by designing my room with plans to remodel it. Whenever I want to do something I always do a 3D Project, my experience is between Beginner and intermediate.
I started a professional internship at a company that wants a designer to design some of their products in 3D to put in a catalog that I will create,
I have never rendered any of my projects, I have now started using vray 3.4 and I have had some challenges with textures and bumps for lack of knowledge and that’s why I’m here today. :confused:
Whenever I’m tired of “fighting” with the Vray I take walks in the woods to clear my mind! :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m a retiree who used to work in the machine tool field (own company) and after semi retirement in the model railway sector (own company), part of which involved track/layout planning as well as building layouts for clients.
Track plans were done with CADrail (2D).
Getting into 3D sure isn’t as easy as I was hoping for! The main projects are various and sundry parts for our RhB empire in the garden (scale 1:22.5) which means a lot of scratch building to get closer to what we model than one could get by simply using the commercial items
Lots of learning to do, which as a pre-babyboomer.(born early 1945) doesn’t get easier;




_This is a belated intro. I have been on the forum for a year or so.

What is your industry and profession?

Fine Artist and Illustrator for 25 years (plus occasional product inventor) before I turned to entrepreneurial activities including industrial, architecture and interior design.
Currently most active in architectural concept design.

Where do you use SketchUp?

Apart from professional design, I work on personal projects such as cottage decks, bunk beds, etc.
I am constantly rendering concepts. Currently working with Raylectron, very simple but somewhat limited.

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?
I am self-taught in all software I use, and only use the most intuitive and efficient products I can find.

How proficient are you in SketchUp?

Above average technically, I would guess. As most of my work is concept, I generally avoid some of the more technical areas such as complex texture mapping. I have upped my skillset over the last few years, improving my efficiency with a wider range of plugins.

Do you have a 3DW page with your models, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?

__Unfortunately, most of my models contain intellectual property concepts or confidential information that is best kept under wraps. I do have a few items on CG Trader - architectural features and some art. Link -


Howdy, from central Texas!

I spent all last week in California at 3D Bootcamp / Basecamp 2018 and had a blast. It was the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with some friends I made in 3D Basecamp 2016, make some new friends, and walk among the SketchUp gods (many of whom dwell inside here). I found out quickly that the answers to many of my questions may very well be found here on this forum, so thus I shall begin my journey.

I am an associate partner and production manager in a small civil engineering firm in Temple, Texas. We primarily serve municipal clients along the IH-35 corridor from just south of Dallas to just north of Austin. Two of us in the firm are committed to learning how SketchUp can be integrated into our workflow as we train and become more aware of its capabilities.

As some of you whom I met in Palm Desert can attest, I am full of ideas, questions, and a desire to learn more. I look forward to spending time here researching, bouncing ideas off of you, and picking your brains for nuggets of knowledge.

Let the fun begin!


R%20mug%20shot R mug shot.JPG
My name is Richard ,
I am retired from 30 odd years in technology design training evaluation --in the developing nations. I still do same but mostly online through related networks of like minds.
I use sketchup in all the above and in product innovation
favorite thing about it is its ease of at least entry level use for technical communication and exchange across the globe. I’m mid level at best. Have difficulty getting through the instructions offered by SKP per se. Community is what make it work frankly…
No Basecamp attended but did got training offered in SFO a few years back.
I am running with a 2011 iMac pro 21" desktop and high Sierra (OS10.16)
No models worth showing off yet…

Have had great difficulty in getting through to direct answers from Sketchup and rely almost entirely upon fora such as these to really begin to master the program


Thanks for your comments but I’m no closer to being able to edit an imported .dwg file.

I cannot use the selection arrow to isolate anything on the drawing and if I use the erase tool on any part of the drawing the whole drawing is deleted.

I’ve tried double clicking and right clicking but clearly nothing is happening.

I’m using Sketchup 2018 on a Mac.

Thanks in advance for pointers.


@willf Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble, .DWG imports sometimes drive me crazy but they do work. Can you share the file that you’re re working on? It’s best practice to start a new topic using the New Topic button in the upper right. Then, when composing your question use the 7th icon across the top of the composing window to upload the .skp file that you are working on so the helpful folks here can take a look and see whats going on. Type an @endlessfix in the body of your question so I’ll get pinged and I’ll watch out for it.



Continuing the discussion from Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :slight_smile::

Hello Fellow Sketchup Freaks,

I too had the pleasure of enjoying most of last week at 3D Basecamp in sunny Palm Springs. Where the weather and IQ’s of everyone I met were both well into the triple digits. Fortunately the IQ’s were a tad higher.

I came into the adventure with high expectations and left with what I was hoping for and oh so much more. The wealth of knowledge concentrated into that small amount of time and space was literally mind blowing. I’m still picking up the pieces. Thanks to all of you that shared.

I’ve operated an industrial electrical contracting company in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 25 years.
My son introduced me to Sketchup in 2006 through a homework assignment he was doing for the Chico State Construction Mgmt Program. I put Sketchup to work on a simple 2D layout for some control panels we were building. It was exactly what I was looking for. Since then, I’ve used Sketchup 2D & 3D daily to communicate, market, plan, bid, design, submit, build, impress and profit. Our crews and customer both know what the finished project will look like before we even start. Sketchup is one of our top tools. It’s on every job. In fact those panels designed in 2006 are still controlling 200 HP rock crushers on multiple oil rigs in Alaska today.

After hearing and meeting so many incredibly talented users from so many backgrounds, using Sketchup for everything and anything, it’s exciting to know that we’re only scratching the surface of the it’s infinite capabilities.

I look forward to continuing this incredible journey into the Sketchup rabbit hole with you.

Happy Trails!!



I have spent the last 20+ years using CorelDraw to produce ISO’s for my woodworking and home improvement projects. The limitations of 2D have me reaching for a 3D solution. SketchUp WEB fits the bill. The learning curve was a little steep, but I am producing useful models. Competence is still some way off.


dstones71 howdy folks have used sketchup for the last couple of years and uploaded a few drawings had a good working knowledge of the last couple of years programmes but now with the latest update to my computer and sketchup 2018 nothing seems to work anymore even my saved work doesnt want to play. disappointed punter



My name is Ron. I’m a new user and my primary interest is for woodworking. I’m a retired electrical engineer and I live in North Carolina,

I’m running 2015 sketchup to match a book I bought… I’m running it on a 2,3GHz HP laptop with 2 G of memory.


Hi! I’m Mimi. I’m excited about using this software. I’m retired and helping a cemetery in my area by redoing their maps.


Welcome to SketchUp and the forum.

That’s a new one on me. Not so much the maps but maps for a cemetery I’ve not heard of that use case. Good on you.


Hello everyone,

I’m François, I used to play with SketchUp 3 month ago. I was around 24 years old, my first goal was to modelize a museum or something structure like this with many mistakes lol.

I’m French student at university Paris 1 in Master Design
I use SketchUp Personnally, during my free time and at the university
I am a Beginner

I hope buy a better computer a day lol ! MacBook Air
Intel Core i5|
1,6 GHz
Mémoire : 8 Go

I like to modelize some spaceship without constraint, listen music and be free with my friends
I enjoy walk on the beach and the moutain

Thank you for have listen to me :grin: