The new 3d warehouse and its host of problems is why people leave software

This is such a relevant point for those who find upgrades to be painful! While you are trying out the new features of an update, you can always roll back to what has worked. Rely on that while you learn the new!

Yeah, on my mac, I finally removed 22. no particular bugs, no issues, haven’t opened it since the install (I mean I have, but it was to check a bug for someone on the forum… it’s you guys fault :wink: )

On my PC? I still have 22 and 23, mostly because if I suddenly get a bug / crash while in class, I can quickly switch to 22. When 24 is released, I’ll kick 22 out.

The only thing to know, with one subscription you have access to two activations at the same time.
Right now, I’m active on 23 mac and 23 pc, since I’ve got two machines.
But if I try to use 22pc as well, it will see it as a third activation, and I’ll have to go to my profile deactivate everyone.
Activations are not linked to the machine but the version as well. It’s a small thing, but good to know.

Please don’t say ‘FREE’ as its not free. Its like saying that National Health is free but we all pay taxes & national insurance… so its not free. Same goes for this… we pay a high price of annual Sketchup subscription fees to get access to the models… so its Not Free!!!

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Please, we understood your point in your first message. and again in the second .and again in the third. no need to quintuple post to say “I’m angry”

we get it. no need to spam


We all understood the first post. Making more than one post only harms the users of the SketchUp Community

Increasing the number of your posts does not make you represent more people than one.