3D warehouse just stopped working

I using SketchUp 2021. Have never had a problem before. It just stopped working about 3 days ago, just wont stop cursing. I’ve tried restarting and checking connection, and nothing. Not the most computer savvy, but can follow direction. Please let me know if you can help.


Please check this thread.

chances are you didn’t upgrade to the lastest version of SU21 back then.

and in general, you should check the threads in 3dwarehouse , there have been some updates recently.

I appreciate it. Should I just update to the latest version? Or will that version work fine after?

Normally, updating to the 2021.1 (link above) should fix the problem. It contained a small Chrome update that is required for the warehouse.
But know that it will hold until next january, when SU2021 becomes unsupported

As of moving to 22 or 23, it depends if you have a subscription or if you’re running the last of the classic licences.

I do have 22 pro, but dont use it because I had issues with my plug-ins.

So it’s not letting me update to the latest 2021.1

Is it saying you have a newer version installed by any chance?

No, wont let me upgrade the 21 when I already have 22

Well, considering SU21 will stop being supported in about 5 Month, might be a better solution to solve the plugins compatibility issue anyway.

Your right, I appreciate it