Bring back "Relevancy" search filter in the Warehouse

The newest update for the warehouse has been a headache for those of us who look for specific single models. For example, if I look up 42" bbq in the warehouse, the results are either incredibly limited or the suggestions are full scenes that might contain a bbq. The dozens of options that used to be there do not pop up, no matter the filter. The “Relevancy” parameter seems like it was the key in finding the right kinds of models and having a variety of options. Please bring this back for those of us who model with a high level of detail!


If you do a search about this you would have found numerous topics about it…
Read this: 3D Warehouse update | Related models / collections forever gone? - #6 by TheGuz


also here

relevance was broken, always was, could be amazing, often not.

3d warehouse is free. you’re not paying for it.

lol… that what you think but that’s part of and funded by your Sketchup licence payment… so not free at all.

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not true… when I typed in something like “bathroom faucet,” i would get dozens of options for a single model of a bathroom faucet. now, no matter what parameter i use, i’m lucky to get a couple models of something usable… everything else is a scene or completely irrelevant.

Why change something that isn’t broken…?

Such a terrible upgrade to the site… more like a downgrade and going backwards. Wish it was still in the control of Google!
Search results are all over the place… and what happened to the alternative/related suggestions section that was displayed on the right side.

its no longer user friendly nor efficient.

the annual Sketchup subscription fee is not cheap and you’d expect to have such a blunder fixed within days of the launch… or at least give us an explanation for why you’ve done what you’ve done.

some of us need to live off the use of Sketchup and my productivity and efficiency levels have dropped considerably because all of this.

Bring back the old version please!

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Well, I see the relevancy is back.

Such a great tool. Great tool, no question. I was REALLY missing it.

(yes. it’s sarcasm.)