The new 3d warehouse and its host of problems is why people leave software

This is such a waste of time. Many of us use SU pro for work and this interruption of workflow because of what seems like a bad rollout, lack of connection with user base costs people who pay good money even more due to the unexpected inability to produce work as expected. I’m unable to use 3D warehouse as it keeps loading. Ive updated chrome, confirmed JS is enabled, switched computers, cleaned caches, blah blah. But this problem is not mine to fix… We shouldn’t need to be searching for fixes, reading forums, downloading 3rd party software updates, troubleshooting and guessing on how to get a service to work. This is a problem that causes software to lose relevancy. Ive been spending my morning looking into Solidworks and Revit. Im not writing this post to complain. Im writing this post to inform those making the decisions that you have a solid customer base. Stop screwing it up or youre going to lose them.


3D Warehouse supports 3 latest versions of SketchUp, so v.2020 is no longer supported. You can go to the Warehouse with your Internet browser and download models in the Collada format (.dae) and import that into your version of SketchUp.

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Is switching to Revit really going to solve the problem? Upgrading to a SketchUp version that allows you to use 3D warehouse doesn’t seem like a good idea and paying almost 10 times more does?
You should think that Trimble wants to earn money too.

Its the time. Wasting time troubleshooting, going down rabbit holes only finding out the need to upgrade via a forum thru some guy named Anssi because SU Warehouse spins indefinitely with no prompt saying what the issue is. Having to post, read thru multiple threads with multiple people posting the same issue with multiple answers giving different information. Thats the problem. Its a collossal waste of time. I work on multi-million dollar projects with highly complex piping, concrete and surveying issues. Ive got multiple plug-ins that specialize in doing what we do. Upgrading to a newer version isnt as simple as downloading a new version and “off you go”. Its buying and setting up new extensions, toolbars, subscriptions, dealing with extensions that might not work with 2023 yet or have bugs… All of this across multiple computers.

All of this is expected with software, but typically, it is communicated certain aspects of a product wont work and youre given time to prepare to dedicate a day to do this. Its part of moving on. But, when you open up SU one day and youre expected to do a screenshare with a client and 3D Warehouse spins like a top with no prompt as to why, no clue as to WTF is going on… Checking log-ins, clearing caches, doing searches to see if 3D warehouse is down, switching machines, resetting appointments and having to learn that MAYBE it is because i need to update (form a forum) when honestly, 2020 isnt that old in terms of pro-level software… You begin to see cost is very insignificant. Sure, Trimble can make money… and they’d be able to charge even more money if they got it together and stopped wasting time of people using it for significant work.


What are you actually using a 3D program for? These two are almost mutually exclusive. Revit is for designing buildings, almost nothing else. Solidworks is for designing parts for manufacturing.

We use it for designing buildings, complex mechanical piping systems, steel fabrication, point generation for surveying, concrete structures form design, plan generation for rehabilitation of existing multifamily properties, welded steel structure design. I’ve been using SU since 2007 and my company has incorporated it into over half a Billion dollars worth of construction. I’m not posting this to argue or make points to other users. I’m posting this so the developers see that if they want to cater to pros and not hobbyists, start communicating better and stop making stupid “upgrades” that are poorly rolled out. The money comes from a marathon. Not a sprint. I want it to work, but they’re making it difficult when people have to spend time posting in threads as opposed to producing.


moving from 2022 to 2023 took me 30 minutes top, including a crash and an uninstall/reinstall of a pair of extensions.
Considering that services are maintained for 3 versions, you could even lower that time to an average of 10 min a year. Even by really taking your time, it could be done in an hour.

You’re telling us that you’d rather pays 4-8K € to a different company than spend even an hour a year maintaining and updating your software just so you can continue downloading free community models into your multi million dollars projects ?
Plus, Sketchup doesn’t overwrite itself, so you could even have SU20 - 21 - 22 - 23 on your machine just in case.

Maybe it’s time to hire IT, or even get some freelancers, to do that job of compatibility check of new versions and mass deploying afterward. The price difference between a 320€ sketchup and a 4000€ revit would annually cover it.

Does solidworks and revit have the same function as 3d warehouse in sketchup?

you mean included in the app, free, containing hundred of thoushands (millions?) of models of pretty much anything ?
not as far as I know.

Softwares like Revit or Archicad can get BIM (IFC) files from companies - so can SketchUp - and then you have dedicated websites. Some are free, many aren’t, some follow themes…

it seems it works the same with solidworks. a base library and a multitude of websites to go look for stuff.

LIke I said. It’s about the time. We aren’t hobbyists. You’re talking peanut$. Thanks for the input.

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I’m not a hobbyist. Maintaining, upgrading and training on my tools is part of my job. Not yours I guess.

You’re running an unsupported version of the software, outdated even by support standards, you can’t expect much more input than that.

Why are there so many haters?? I LOVE the new UI for warehouse. Especially image recognition component is a game changer. Do Revit and Solidworks even have communal libraries? Enjoy paying 6x as much by the way.

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Learning Revit will suck 4 weeks of your time away in an instant. It’s far less intuitive than Sketchup. So if time is the problem don’t go to Revit.

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Revit is a very good application but it is not a SketchUp replacement. You buy Revit if you need the BIM functions in it. For general 3D modelling it is cumbersome, overpriced and overkill.

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But how much do you have to spend on extensions to get the same functionality and productivity? If you add a good rendering engine, a few paid plagins, it turns out that maybe in three years the costs will even out. And the time? how much time will you gain? There is a lot of talk here about the fact that sketchub is intuitive and easy to learn. I’ve always emphasized this as well, but the multitude of plugins and their inconsistent interfaces and their support cause a big waste of time, also for learning. Because I don’t think anyone here will deny that the strength of SU lies in extensions and if not for them, it would only be a sketchbook! I will stick to my opinion that SU is suitable for what its name tells us - sketches and preliminary architectural designs and with a render for visualization. Of course, a small design company can use it until some client at the end wants to turn the project upside down.

People are tired of Revit, every year it costs more and more. They continue using it because all their work is on Autodesk’s servers and they can’t exit. Not to mention that most of them have illegal software.
You can have SketchUp and CDE software, a render engine and lots of plugins for 1000€ more or less. I have also a BIM 5D software with that amount of money.


You’re an optimist. In Poland, SU Studio is $1,000 a year. So it’s not as rosy as you write. And it doesn’t change the fact that these many plugins take a lot of time to master them. And then a lot of time for annual installations. And I’m surprised that most people who complain about other programs here have never had contact with them, let alone professional use of them. I also suspect that there is a percentage of those for whom other programs were too difficult. And for them, SU with this long stagnation is an ideal program. So don’t say that “people” are sick of Revit or AC. If you publicly burn your own license for some other program because of switching to SU, then you will gain my credibility. However, the price arguments somehow do not appeal to me because how much does Revit cost and how much does an architect charge for a project? The fact is that for small studios that do not have many commissions, this may go beyond the budget, but a successful architect can afford top-shelf programs, where you have a rendering module, calculations, statements, BIM and many other values.

I have been looking at Rhino 7 these days. It’s cheaper with no yearly payment, it can model anything without loads of plugins as SU seems to require and it also can render scenes. It Can even turn 3D into a drawing with dimensions and more.
For pure designing on ipad Shapr3D is amazing and I use all the time. (Although I do like my SU on Ipad subscription)


Believe me, Revit needs much more time, also needs plugins and it’s more difficult to learn.

I have work with Revit and also dynamo. Moreover, most of my colleagues use Revit and “yes” they are tired of Revit.

However, your problem was 3D warehouse, wasn’t it?


Not even close to the price of Revit, and extensions have permanent licenses so you don’t have to add to the price of sketchup every year. With Revit you’ll also need to invest in a good rendering engine if you want to make decent renders, but there are a lot of free or very cheap rendering engines on the market so Vray isn’t the only option.

I don’t understand why people come to complain and throw hate to the software, then say that they’re ditching it and moving to another one, did you know that you can do that without posting it, if you’ve found a software that replaces sketchup for the same price it’s awesome but I’ll assure you that you’ll have problems with that software as well at any point cause there’s no perfect software, not even autocad that has been around for decades.