I just deleted all 105 of my models from 3D Warehouse



I just deleted all 105 of my models from 3D Warehouse.

How many times does the Terms of Service have to be agreed too?
Every time I try to download a model, that pop up with the TOS comes up again. Everytime.

I know my models were not earth stopping, but I enjoyed sharing them. I thought that was the point.

Every newer version of Sketchup has that annoying “Welcome” screen.

Tremble has annoyed me right out of participating.

Not everyone wants to use the latest version of Sketchup. From what I’ve read on these forums, the latest version sounds very unstable. Why would I “upgrade” to a version that doesn’t work? And half my plug-ins won’t work?


All my plugins work, SU2017 rarely crashes and that annoying welcome screen that takes one click to go past is a small price to pay for free software. Oh and I have seen the TOS maybe twice in a year.


Exactly which plugins don’t work?


A few that come immediately to mind are Instant Roof, Instant Road, The Tree Maker plug-in. An .obj importer, and exporter that I use daily, do not work in any newer version.


A Vue exporter doesn’t work, An excellent window maker plugin doesn’t work.


I do still use Sketchup, but I use Sketchup 7. It works. It’s stable. It’s free. And no annoying welcome screens. Nothing in any newer version makes me want to “upgrade” I use 2015, only because of the Tree Maker plugin.


Ah ok, Sketchup 7. Can’t comment on that as it was the first version I used about 8 years ago and quickly moved on from. I do have a computer in this room that has it installed, but it is very old and covered in dust and I hate to think how many MS updates it would take to get it working.
Each to their own, but seriously, complaining about a software version that you have used for free for a long time that has been abandoned and sold to a new company and further developed without any input from you seems somewhat egotistical.
Why on earth should the New Owners of the software that you have never Paid for, either in the old version or the new version, actually care about your experience.
Having said that, they do care about the user experience because they have upgraded the system to work with newer hardware and software environments.
All you want them to do is sit back in the Google days and do nothing, something like google was doing.
I give up.


I appreciate your input, but I don’t consider the many, many, hours of effort going into building, and sharing my models, not contributing. My Disney World Castle model took about a year, off and on, for me to complete. My complaint, as you call it, is about the annoying ways Trimble tries to get me to buy their software.


I’m tired of these ranting freebie users subsidized by the paying Pro uses and therefore would like to propose, to freeze or stop the distribution of the free Make version with the current release.


How can I possibly go on without access to Cinderella’s Castle? :cry:


That’s a bit harsh @sketch3d_de don’t you think, I mean surely everyone deserves a break because they give back to the community and therefore can rant a bit. I know you are here all the time helping out with issues, Dave is something of a genius with 2000 + thankyous and I’ve got a few too. Surely it is only fair that we include walt disney.

I think it’s worth point out that I wrote that with a strong southern accent.


I must admit my last post is seriously arrogant and sarcastic, but it is for a reason.

If you have a grievance in life, make a point of knowing your facts, put them forward in an articulate fashion. Don’t ramble, exaggerate or lie. Understand who you have a problem with, do your research.

Otherwise, ask for help. You’d be surprised how many people in this world will do just that.


Not everyone can afford the Sketchup software. I try to contribute, by uploading my models on the 3D Warehouse to “payback” the use of the free software. I’m sorry if you don’t feel that my model is a contribution. I just used it as an example of the hours I put into contributing.


Drawing some models and putting them in the 3D Warehouse isn’t really a contribution to SketchUp. And you’ve told us you’ve just removed them.


I am curious as to whether removal of your models as a contribution to 3dwh is actually an appropriate response. Of course, they are your models and you’re entitled to do with them as you please, however, I seriously doubt that you are impacting 3dwh, Trimble or a meaningful number of SketchUp users by this action. IMO a more effective approach would have been to direct your concern to the SU Team and request some form of redress.


We’ve read; if someone takes a completely negative tone and deletes 105 models, it’s probably not worth an internet exchange, especially when there’s a conflation of issues going on: SketchUp versions, Ruby extensions, 3DWarehouse. @LekoLight, I’ll respond if you pick pain points in order, so they’re prioritized. All I can say about 3DWarehouse TOS is that they go away when you accept and only needed when you upload. Are you uploading in a private browser for some reason, or wiping data?


I guess your all right. I thought I was contributing, when maybe I really wasn’t. I deleted my models, as a knee jerk reaction to being asked to agree to the TOS every time I tried to download a model. I know that, probably, very few people downloaded my models, but since this was all I could contribute, out of frustration, I deleted them all.
I have accepted the TOS before, and then download a model. The next day or so, I go to download something else, the same TOS pop ups again. Every time.
I’ve used Sketchup since version 6, and have spent many hours on it. I felt that the only way I could contribute, since I can’t afford to buy it, was by uploading my models. It’s hard for me to use a newer version that doesn’t allow me to use plugins, I use daily.
@Barry I’m not sure. The only thing I can think of is Firefox doesn’t allow tracking cookies. Maybe this is the cause for the constant TOS popup? It doesn’t remember me agreeing to the TOS?

  1. 3DWarehouse - OK, I stand corrected: TOS has recently changed for non-signed-in people who are not keeping open sessions where they were previously downloading. So in the case you described, you WOULD get TOS presented again. Internally, I don’t observe it as much because I’m usually logged in to one account or another. Due to recent developments, in order to protect people who do upload 105 models, we’re being asked by legal staff to do this. Any time I’ve already used the ‘L’ word in a post, I usually stop typing.

  2. Plugins - we can only suggest that plugin developers move forward to updated Ruby & SketchUp versions. The current news item, WannaCry virus, should convince folks to try their best to stay current with computers.

And honestly, if you’re modeling with an older version and it works, that’s fine. SketchUp is the only software program I’ve worked on where we allow previous versions to hang around. I have all versions back to SketchUp 6, and at times will launch all the old versions to see where features changed or where regressions may have occurred. You can’t do that side-by-side with too many software programs these days.


Good points Barry. Thank you. I’m sorry I came across so negatively.


No worries. Of course ?sarcasm I never come across as grumpy on these forums /sarcasm¿.

We were chatting: if only so many users were so nice as to upload 105 models, and including the detail of the Castle. Very nice. I’d keep the pattern of using older versions for plugins, and logging in will keep the TOS away for the cookie length (3 weeks).