I just deleted all 105 of my models from 3D Warehouse



It’s impossible to keep everybody happy. That was not sarcasm. :grinning:



I don’t know what models are you talking about, but contributing with 105 for 3DW is, imho, very generous. Specially as you invested in them personally to a big extent.

I have contributed with 0 myself.

NOTE: Rightfully or not, this community is tending to become less forgiving. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s a feeling I’m having recently…


IMHO, you’re wrong, but then that sounds less forgiving, so maybe you’re right. :slight_smile:


I like to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong…



Maybe you should ask the question why do they care. I am sure that if THEY saw no benefit that free option would be gone. In addition I see in cases the free users make significant contribution to the forums and others do not but, I guess one could say that is the same for some paid users too.

IMHO the focus of this forum should be help for the person asking for help but, it appears to me it has changed over time and now it is SU centric and not the best answer for the questioner. In fact there should be another contributor category that assigns / shows those with any vested interest in the program.


You might be right so, forgive me… :grinning:


You mean that SketchUp IS NOT the best answer for every medicinal need? Heresy! :smile:


This forum has always been SU centric. After all, look who the host is. And the name of the forum. Why shouldn’t it be SU centric?


Hey Dave you are the first person to ever help me on this forum which was long time ago. Sorry to hear the forum is not meant to give answer best for user even if that is known. I whole heartly reject that concept,
each and very poster here should and my early on experience is not that way.
The answeres to your questions are self evident so will not bother here…


I agree, perhaps a separate forum for pro users should be created. Not sure who I contact about this, after all some of us also pay an annual maintenance fee, which this year should be reduced since Trimble is reducing the functionality by removing the Google geolocation connection. I would welcome a response from others on this issue


They aren’t removing it, Google is taking it away. That’s a very different thing.


Can’t you disable the welcome screen with a check box? 2017 is pretty stable I have to say… as usual.


I surely hope not. Pro users benefit a lot from experienced hobbyists that use the software too and share their knowledge, models and plugins.

From the top of my head I can remember Sam D Mitch immediatelly who has an incredible amount of plugins, all free, and who is a free user.


Trimble is subsidizing free user~s. It’s not us Pro users that are subsidizing them.

We are paying for using the Pro version. That’s all.

Trimble has decided that the Make version has it’s usefulness. Google have done so before too. I don’t know how long back this goes as I’m not around for so long, however, Sketchup is said to have users by the millions. That is an asset to have… I would say that the Make version is responsible for a great part of that, wouldn’t you?


You can if you’re a pro user. You can also use the rant check box in the forum if you are a pro user :joy: (@sketch3d_de )


I his defense, I have payed for every Pro Version since SU 7, and I am equally annoyed about the shenanigans Tremble has installed to every single version.
There are many amazing and useful plug ins that are not supported one of them is the Visualizer.
You Fanboys are full of excuses and if you ever think that they will make any effort to making anything better if you just keep applauding, well then guess what you deserve.

The latest version now costs over 100 bucks which I can’t find any justification for. I know, other companies do the same useless annual updates that mostly only sell you bug-fixes for the money you pay. But that does not make it right.

This guy on the other hand has shared over 150 of his models also for free, so he has been giving something back.

To me it seems like every version comes with a load of bugs and quirks, still the same old same old. What am I paying for? Google did a way better Job upgrading this piece of Software, Tremble only seems to be in it for the money.

If I have to do a really rushed Job, I’ll go back and work with SU 8.


Maybe because they don’t want to pay for it?


I also made a great many of my plugin as a SketchUp free user. I have only used Pro for the last couple of years or so. I really think Trimble and the community benefits a lot from having a free version and all the hobbyists.


There are A LOT of changes under the hood in SketchUp updates that aren’t visible to the end user. As a plugin developer I can say newer SketchUp versions are very much easier to create plugins for when so many quirks, bugs and other oddities have been corrected as well as the coding language being updated to a new version with more functionality. Sadly this isn’t immediately noticeable to the end user but in the long run it benefits everyone.

Certain plugins stops being compatible as the coding language is updated, hence they cannot be loaded from the same file. However a majority of plugins, especially those not relying on binaries, works in newer versions too.

I don’t understand your rant about the folder being hidden. The plugins are in appdata so all users on the same computer can chose their own plugins independently of each other. Plugins aren’t a part of the SketchUp software but belongs to the user so naturally they are in the users own folder.


Your name crossed my mind too eneroth. I know you started developing plugins as an architectural student but I don’t know if you are still studying.

Anyway, it’s certainly about people like you that I’m talking about.



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