How many of you come here to look for Sketchup MAKE 2020?

it is no secret that free fersion of sketchup today is so bad, while the previous Sketchup Make is so much better for basic modeling. i myself are frustated realizing that i have fallen to the business trap. it was good while it last (12 years of good), however now i feel the bad effect of that cos i need to pay for more. also, they restrict older version (while actually still pretty good) of sketchup with 3d warehouse scheme that can not open in older version of sketchup. Dude, i can not even use MY models that i upload there.

this business model is like drug mafia business model. first you make them addicted, after that make them pay for more.

thats capitalism for you.

so, in hope sketchup will make another MAKE for amateurs like me. that would be great.
how many of you come here to look for Sketchup MAKE 2020?


Web based Sketchup Free is a very good modeler if one takes the time to learn it, and it’s a better way to reach the millions and millions of users worldwide with a free, always updated, always improving, cross platform piece of software.

Make 17 still works great and continues to be made available for download.

The warehouse has always only supported the last three years version for direct download. You can still accesss your own models and the rest of the warehouse for use with Make17 by going through any browser.


yeah. however not every one especially we in the third world country have access to the internet while their working. and also make 2017 is faulty in some ways.


Since you’re only using it for your hobby, 2017 Make should do everything you need.


Did you not notice that the issues were resolved in the thread you linked too. Generally if you have problems with one version or another it’s best to explain the problems you are having and 9 times out of 10 we can tell you how to fix them.
Saying 2017 is broken because it doesn’t work on your system actually means, I have issues with my system and it is having problems running 2017, is there anything I can do to my system to help it run 2017 effectively.
Looking at your profile tells me you have a fairly low end graphic card. If Trimble were to update 2017 or release a 2020 make version it probably wouldn’t work with your specific graphic card. For many many years it has been written in the Minimum Hardware Requirements that they don’t recommend the use of integrated intel cards. That being said, they do work but can be temperamental and you must have the correct driver for your system. This can vary from machine to machine and one driver may work for one but not another seemingly identical machine. Windows updates is known for pushing graphic updates that break things. Turning off fast feedback is another option for helping with issues.

But having said all that you haven’t even told us ‘in what ways your 2017 is faulty’.


Oh for Pete sake if you want something worth having expect to pay for it.!


I was about to write the same thing.

Trimble SketchUp removed support for Intel HD 2000 and 3000 GPUs with the SketchUp 2020 release.
(SketchUp 2020 will not work with these GPUs.)
These Intel GPUs had Intel support discontinued on 24 June 2016.

@farid.nazaruddin We see that you have an Intel HD 4000 GPU. Sorry to inform you that Intel has just discontinued support for your GPU (and the HD 2500) on 1 January 2020. There will be no more drivers or other software updates from Intel for your graphics system.
These GPUs actually use Windows 8.1 drivers under Windows 10.

See: Customer Support Options for Discontinued Intel® Graphics Products

It should not be a surprise when and if any future version of SketchUp removes support for your legacy graphics.


you should not assume that everyone has just one PC

I don’t think anyone is assuming anything. To give people relevant useful advice we read the system specs that they have posted in their profile. Operating system and graphics card details are critical information for solving problems running Sketchup. The advice and answers posted above are for the computer that the OP listed in their profile.


While I also prefer Make a lot over Free, I think it’s very unfair to call it a trap or compare it to drug mafias. Sure, you can argue Trimble is making a strategic mistake in blocking out hobby users and the future generation of developers, but it’s their decision. In the end SketchUp has been incredibly generous, and still is to quite a large extent.


What do you do with SUp free with no connection ? What is the impact for the planet working on line ? Stupid business modèle.

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Unless successive version of free online Sketchup have significantly improved over the early one I tried it was not good. I have continued to use Make 2017 because it still works well. However, I have moved on to another application which, while can’t do everything Sketchup can do it does all the basics I need it to and I got it for reasonable one-time fee. I guess I agree that most things worth having cost something but maybe I just don’t need the best for basic woodworking. The other software I bought is just easier to use.

The online Sketchup Free is constantly updating and is indeed much improved from when it was first released. If you found something that works for you that’s great, if you are curious, Sketchup free has gotten pretty good. And as you noted Make17 still works too.


yes. i agree with you all!!

sketchup free is a good way. however, i live in a country that $1 is enough for a meal. and online while working is seldom cos of the cost. so we do working online only once in a while.

right now i am using make 2017 i am using it for amateur design purposes (furnitures) and it is not bad even personally i prever make 2015. i am afraid that make 2017 will soon obselete (next year?) and for someone like me, finally we will have to choose to pay with 2 mounth wage (almost impossible choise) or to choose another (not as good) software. and that thought is killing me.

so, my hope for this valentine is that they make Make 2020.


I have spent a year or so trying to forward 2 projects months of work and thinking
to be halted by the sale of sketchup and hence the loss of terrain in the FREE
versions … This took a lot of finding ,including many videos showing in theory
how to get round this with older versions. NOT SO . SO reading a small article
saying TIMBREL was not so happy with there new assett, HOW ABOUT A
capitalist sense YOU MIGHT SELL A LOT ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’$60 other programs do this

So what you are saying is you’ve been using SketchUp Make commercially although it isn’t licensed for that. And you are complaining that you can’t do what you want with it.

You also seem to be making some false accusations about what Trimble has done with SketchUp.

Dave there may be a lost in translation situation here, it’s entirely possible that some misunderstandings may be due to English not being the first language of all participants. It happens a lot with this sort of international site.


I find the new online version lame and frustrating. Make was a great platform to start and grow with. Although there was no cad import or export, and no layout, it was great, and enabled adult students and non-pros to have a great tool…and then upgrade if needed. Even if it were $50-1-00…the average person could still do that. The average home carpenter, teacher, elementary school student parent, etc, is NOT going to plop down $600 for Sketchup Pro. The other problem is that when it’s online software, you have to be …online? I went to teach a classroom of kids last year how to use Sketchup. All had laptops…and all were hooked to their lame school wifi. Not every environment has the latest wifi tech to enable multiple users simultaneously. Yeah, probably two kids could have been on and working OK but not 24. So the whole thing fell apart and the kids couldn’t work or learn. Frustrating and needless.

So the whole model of the open-source community that leads to professional use is gone. Who is going to keep working through the gaps of the free online version ad then make the jump to pro? They’re going to think…that “free” online SketchUp is junk…I cannot take that seriously. It is FAR inferior to the old Make version.

I just see it as Trimble doing less and less and less and wanting more and more money. In the Pro world, the mandated upgrades in the subscription model provide so little new features or improvements as to be worthless frankly. Honestly…what did the last two versions of Pro do that it improved on 2018? Slightly better inferencing…anything else?

Classic example…the old clipping plane display problem that has existed since Fred Flintstone roamed the earth… Will Trimble ever fix that? Nope. Now Daniel Tal has (thanks Daniel and crew) …but, he needs to charge for it…so for $50 you get a solution to the daily problem. I think Daniel Tal’s price is fair…but for $600 whatever you should get major stuff like that fixed. Or start adding “BIM-like” features…or make Layout less klunky…like be able to do consistent dimensions without losing your mind, Or get a clear and simple “camera line” control for animations straight from the scene tabs without constant crashes through walls.
We can’t do that? Or…how about automatic transfer of all your toolbars, trays, extensions, preferences and settings when you transition to a new version? I look forward to new versions like I look forward to corona virus and blinding migraine headaches.

I love SketchUp, but it wasn’t Trimble that invented it, and Trimble is certainly not making it much better for the yearly subscriptions $$$.


There’s a full version trial period that allows you to assess the value of SketchUp for Pro use.

Why would a company “drop” support for an existing driver? Is it because the junior programmer wants to use the newest whizbang dohickey programming language and/or tool and is unwilling to think about any one other than their self? Why would anyone assume that everybody can afford something just because they can? What was the purpose of having a free version in the first place? Why should a new release break existing models? Why would a company expect somebody to be able to afford or even want to upgrade every year? Companies that do the above things fall into the Microslop category of unprofessional, non-consumer oriented, money grubbing idiots.

There are companies that are thriving by not breaking previous versions of their software, by providing actual customer support for all for free, and actually releasing software that works when it is released. The latter is why they can do the former two items.

It is possible to access sketchucation at least without going through the 3D warehouse. I’m doing it for my version 2016. I forget exactly how I did it right now, but I think accessing sketchucation through the internet is how it’s done. The rbz files can be downloaded and then executed to install. To install them in 2016, go to Tools->Preferences->Extensions and then check off the rbz that was downloaded and click on the install extension button. It must be different in other versions of sketchup because the explanations that I found on the internet were different from my version. Had to search the internet for a while before I figured it out.

The reason that I ran into the problem is when I went to upgrade my PC and found out that 3D warehouse was no longer supported. That meant that some of the fredo7 tools that I use were not able to be installed onto my new PC. Things like exporting stl files.

It’s good that there was/is (?) a CEO of autodesk who was a maker and made all those things happen at Autodesk. At least someone gets it.