Please change back to the Old Version of 3D Warehouse!The interface of the new version is very inconvenient!

After the recent update of 3D Warehouse, I found that some models could not be downloaded before, and the interface of the new version is very inconvenient for most of our users, and the model that was successfully displayed in the old version was fine, why the new version cannot be 3D Viewed and cannot be downloaded There is a model error. In this case, it is better to use the old version of 3D Warehouse. Can your official Trimble change the 3D Warehouse back to the old version? The new interface makes it very inconvenient for me. :rage: :rage: :rage:

最近3D Warehouse更新後就發現之前有些模型無法下載,而且新版介面對我們大部分的使用者很不方便,而且本來在舊版彩現成功模型的好好的為甚麼到了新版就變成不能3D View且不能下載出現模型錯誤,這樣情況還不如用舊版3D Warehouse比較好,麻煩Trimble官方把3D Warehouse改回舊版好嗎?新版介面讓我很不方便。謝謝


Until now I always found items by leafing through because: well the translation in the warehouse is non-existent, the part one needs s in a complete setting to be plucked out, the itemnames are ‘off’. Products mostly are unusable. Exported from solidworks or something, consisting of thousands of lines which makes them mammothly heavy. aka useless.
And I know its policy to just offer three years. But IMHO its also trying to irritate, and force all perpetual users to upgrade to a newer version which brings nothing extra except cost. Trimble sucks.
This new version is a nonstarter and a serious timewaster for us users.


It is a work in progress, be patient.

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Work in progress is not published!

Most results per query are joke!

query - cat. Products:

Did Trimble developers use cats to clean bathrooms? @TheGuz , tell them cats are for petting!


Are cats alcoholics? Okay, maybe in the US. Or they get drunk in despair that someone is cleaning toilet bowls with them.

Does anyone really believe this works? Really?


See this:

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Please note that some of the features in the old 3D Warehouse are still in development. If it’s not there now, it will likely be there soon.

agree… work in progress… come on… should be fixed by now. Sketchup subscription isn’t cheap and we expect things to work!