Sketchup 2023 Pro issues and flaws

I run 2 monitors. When I click on File or any other subject in the Menu the options show up in the monitor that is not displaying SU. The measurements toolbar when moved to the top tool bar is a different size than all other toolbar icons. Scene tabs that normally displayed in total now require scrolling due to increased font size. None of the above in 2022 which I will be using until 2023 is fixed. If not I will be moving on. I am a user since SU v. 8. Trimble does not seem to understand or listen to its user base. I forgot to mention 4 bugsplats within first 24 hrs of use. “If it works don’t fix it.”

Additonally what was wrong with having the trays dock below the scene tabs?

Every update has been pushed on me when I open the software, until 2023. No push. No notice that there is a newer version available. Seems like even those at Trimble knew that they had broken SketchUp. Why release something that has soooooo many things broken in it. Not just a couple of minor hiccups, but truly broken sections of the software. Was there no beta testing?

Yeah – the corporate silence is deafening :wink:

They released an update, but it didn’t fix the tray issues, they still don’t load correctly, and now you have to close and reopen them just to get them to update. Not sure about the rest

It does seem to me like the only tangible improvement in 2023 is the Flip Tool, and everything else is a back-end update which has a lot of bugs but offers no functionality to users.

I’m not regretting my decision to stick with 2022.
Will wait for the mid-2023 refresh, assuming there even is one.

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I could happily go years with no new “on surface” features for that to happen. ( except dwg/ifc improvements of course, they’re needed yesterday.)

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well it is happening.

To save some time, you don’t need to close/re-open them. You can just resize them (click drag from the top or bottom to resize) and they become functional again.

I believe someone also made an automated script that does this for them on loading the app.

I guess moving the Mac software to METAL and the PC-version to “that other thing” is a massive undertaking, so there’s no wonder then that SU23 was not so feature-rich. Steve Jobs did a superb job back on “Snow Leopard”, where he got everybody to agree that “no new features” was a really cool thing. It takes some communication skills, but after a while everybody loved Snow Leopard.


I have a new Macbook M2 Max (Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)) and have 96gb ram. I have a fresh install and updated to Sketchup 2023. I now seem to be unable to open many of my Sketchup 2022 files. It seems to hang indefinitely. All of the files open in the online Sketchup.

I have tried saving down from 2022 to lower versions and then opening in 2023. I have also systematically deleted models from the file to try and isolate some bad geometry. I am at a loss of what to try next. Any advice would be appreciated. I think I will move our company back in time to 2022.

There is a chance you’ve already spoken to support about this (your description sounds familiar). Could I look at the smallest model you have that fails to open?

hi there. Yes i have reached out to support also. Here is a table model. It does not seem consistent what can open and what cant. I have uploaded a file saved from 2022.

22 test.skp (1.1 MB)

attached is the generated log file while it is hanging. (3.9 KB)

Thanks, I am familiar with the table and your log file! I am one of the people support goes to when they get stuck.

All the developer was able to do automatically was delete the part of the model that was causing the problem. In this case I think the problem bits are concealed anyway, but it’s not really a good solution.

I’m trying to isolate what in the geometry is the cause of the problem, and see if it can be modeled to look the same, but not cause the issue.

This new problem was a side effect of fixing a more serious one. We’re going back to that previous fix to redo it so that it doesn’t have side effects.

I will let you know if I find a way to fix the geometry in the meantime.

Thanks Colin

I won’t give frequent updates, but I have some initial success. I was able to save out the 68 groups from your model as separate files, and now I’m opening them in chunks. It may take a little while, but I should end up with a shortlist of which parts are the problem.

So, that went quicker than expected! Turns out that it isn’t one particular part that was modeled badly, but it’s the interaction of a few groups with some raw geometry.

In particular, the curved tabletop has a bunch of grouped objects that pass through it:

Something bad happens when the geometry is analyzed, I’m not even sure what. But, making the raw geometry of the tabletop be a group itself, seems to work ok in SketchUp 2023.

I know that you have a large catalog file, now that I know what I’m looking for I will see if the whole file can be fixed.

Here’s my copy of the table. It’s still a 2022 file, but should open ok in 2023.

22 test good.skp (1.1 MB)

I have this problem as well…And when I switch between scenes SU bugsplats. I have never had such a buggy release.

Thanks for finding out more. Yes we use object to create cutting holes to save time modelling ill experiment here too