Struggles with 2023 interface

Since 2023 was installed I’m still having issues. My frustration is building to the point I am using earlier versions for some projects.

I don’t know if the following issues are related to one another, or if they are common to other Windows / Pro 2023 users… Keen to find out!!

  1. The tool trays (I have two) are much larger than they should be, and are not preserving settings when I resize them. Sometimes they are not allowing me to resize at all.
    I want the tray on the left to be much smaller. The one on the right is usually fine.

2a. Tools are not always activating using keyboard shortcuts (especially the Move tool). The toolbar has to be used.
2b. Sometimes mouseclicks are not registering, or are lagging. The paint bucket tool seems to be affected most by this.
2c. Sometimes the cursor location doesn’t correspond to the point which is picked.
2d. The move tool sometimes doesnt move or move/copy the item. The click registers but the cursor doesn’t “grab” the object, or, the object is moved only a small distance (eg 1m, instead of 100m).
2e. The draw Line tool clicks do not register, or are inaccurate.

  1. I’m also getting frequent crashes (sometimes bugsplats, often not) whereas 2022 was much more stable. (same models/etc). This seems to be related to the above (ie when these issues occur, crashes seem more frequent).

  2. When the model is large, the graphics performance (frames per second) is noticeably and significantly degraded due to a display problem when using Perspective camera. Colin has outlined the cause of this (apparently SketchUp is processing the display information for hidden tags or objects, even though these should be ignored). Are other people experiencing the same issue?

I have a pretty standard and new windows laptop (nvidia/intel) and all drivers, windows updates etc are up to date. Not using Vray. Not using spacemouse etc. SketchUp install was “run as adminstrator”. All extensions (not a ridiculous amount) are up to date as best I can. I use a single 2560x1440 32" display at 100% resolution scaling, but when at home I use a 4k display and the same issues are present. Display issues occur whether connected over USB-C or mini Displayport interfaces.

I really would like to understand if these are known bugs or issues and, if so will they be patched up soon? SketchUp is becoming not very fun (or efficient) to use.


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