Sketchup 2023 Pro issues and flaws

I have been using Sketchup Pro for many years and have always upgraded to the latest version. So far, my experience with it has been very good. Unfortunately, not so with the upgrade to Sktetchup 2023Pro. It seems to me that there are some basic bugs with the new version. I have not tested Layout 2023 yet.
Until today I have the following problems in version 2023:

  • the toolbars are not saved, when opening an existing model only the “getting started” toolbar is active.
  • the set trays are displayed, but do not work (frozen), as a remedy you have to close and reopen them individually, then they work again

Fortunately, models that were saved in 2023 can be transferred back to 2022.

I hope that the version 2023 will be revised soon and in the meantime I will continue to work with 2022.

I find the new flip tool in 2023 very helpful.

here is another issue with 2023:

  • when scenes are excluded from animation (by unchecking “inlude in animation”) they are lost completely and cannot be displayed again.
  • after unchecking “include in animation” it took a long time (about 18sec) until the next step could be executed, the same action with 2022 takes a few milliseconds on the same computer.

I hope that these problems will be solved soon

I’m using Win 11 with 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 2.80GHz with 32.0 GB memory.

SketchUp 2023 freezes once I click Customize Toolbar… Have to force quit. Very annoying.

on Mac ?

Yeah, I’ve had that, I deactivated all my extensions, deleted 2-3 I wasn’t using anyway, and turned them on group by group, it solved the issue. might be one of them caused the issue, improper loading or something.

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confirming it works

For the uncheck include in animation, you may notice that the camera for that scene gets changed to match the current camera. A work around for now is to click on that scene’s tab before removing it from the animation.

We are working on a fix for that issue (and others).

I have noticed several bugs in this release as well. 70% of the time after I’ve worked on a model for more than 1/2 hour, when I close Sketchup it produces a Bug Splat. When you select several components, right click and try to make them unique, only some of them are made unique. I find that I have to click them all individually, one at a time to make them unique. What a pain. This was never an issue in 2022. The whole user interface experience seems slower.

I’ve got a question, and you’ll probably not be able to answer, because I understand Trimble’s love of secrecy.
Is there a beta / public test program ? I mean, more beta than “people at SU and some extension developers”. I’m talking about a program that people can join, in exchange of a NDA (again, Trimble) and feedbacks ? There are a lot of tiny bugs here and there everytime you guys release a new version that could have been spotted by “normal” users (you guys are either developers or employees, you’re a niche category)

Seeing how the change of framework on PC seems to have caused some visual issues, and since you’ve announced to the extensions devs you’re working on an exit from openGL, it might be a good idea. and would save you some post-release fixing

There are more beta testers than just us and extension developers.

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I switched back to 2022. There are so many bugs with 2023. So many bug splats from 2 days of using it. For starters, the Default tray doesn’t work unless you close it out and go to Window and re open it. Edited the getting started tool bar and it didn’t save it. selected lines and hit delete and they stayed until I selected them with the eraser tool from the toolbar. That is just a start…

When you installed SketchUp did you right-click on the downloaded file and choose “run as administrator”? If not, find the download, right-click it, choose “run as administrator” and then select repair from the options.

It seems to me that the new release 2023 was obviously a mistake. It can’t be that a well-functioning software is suddenly no longer operational in many elementary functions. I hope that Trimble can intervene quickly and restore confidence in this software appreciated by so many professionals. If not, many (including me) will have to look around for an alternative software. That would be a great pity. In the meantime, I will continue to work with version 2022.


I just did exactly as you instructed. When I open it my Default Tray is still blacked out.

Are you using a dock or is the monitor connected directly to the computer?

I have 2 monitors connected to my graphcis card

Looks like your trays are on a separate monitor, there are others with the same issue. :frowning:

Dynamic Blocks have behaved very erratically for me, scaling parts at random when the only operator I used was Rotate

Hello Everyone,

Thanx for this 2023 version that seems rather promising.

I noticed the “materials in model” are not showing in the material editor (brick tab). Therefore it’s not possible to delete them all. You can create a new material but it wont add to the “materials in model” panel.
The little house icon (brick tab) has no action when clicked on.

Thanx in advance for your feedback.


the issue has been raised and solved here

a definitive fix is coming. but for now you can use the technique at the end of the thread, it should work

Merci !!!