Most horrible 3d program ever - RANT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this is THE most horrible 3D programs I have EVER used. Doing the same thing SIX friggin times in a row and STILL not being able to move on… SICK. saving manually every minute is not working, it STILL gives me an error or reload or whatever warning! SICK!! importing MY OWN files = ERROR! what takes me a few days in another program takes me WEEKS to even get anything finished in this BS program! SICK. And then sketchup wants to push for an upgrade? LOL. If you don’t have a heart problem this BS program WILL get you one… good luck.


Feel better now?


Season’s greetings to you too…


If you could cool down a little and stop shouting (in capitals) perhaps you could tell us what you are trying to do, and why it went wrong for you? Then you might get some useful advice. This forum is usually very helpful, not only to beginners like yourself, but to more advanced users too.

Or try to learn first how the program is supposed to work, at the free Sketchup Campus That might point you in a more constructive direction.

Or use the other program you refer to and stop ranting here.

Happy Christmas anyway.


So that would make it an easy choice for you then. If you hurry you might even get your project finished before Christmas. Merry Christmas then.

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Why are you using a program beyond your skills? Use the program you know and stop crying.


Wow, this threads really feels like the spirit of holidays with your family, rant, sarcasm, hostility, I feel like home.

Any chance you show us what you’re trying to model in sketchup ? Did you post this just to rant or were you looking for solutions and tips ?



Neither. It’s just an insult to people who make a great progam.

You’re using it wrong


For me that made a huge difference. I am still very excited by the change.


oh yes a big difference :slight_smile:

I find it easier to teach as tags than layers, especially to people coming from a layered 2d software. Especially when I later go to layout where layers are actual layers.

Only bad point is, the french translation is really weird.
it was translated as Balise. the only place balise = tag is in webdeveloping, HTML and such. :sweat_smile:
Etiquette or even Tag would have been a better name, but oh well. it’s just a name. :slight_smile:

??? Tag is relative to BIM and layers were there from the beginning without this causing any problems

The same problem with Spanish translation(iPad and iPhone)…
Tags are translated as “Cuerpo” instead of “Etiquetas”

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In what other software are layers called “tags” ?

Layers in a photo editing program perform a different function than tags in SketchIp.

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Indeed, while layers in a photo editing program and tags in SketchUp may seem different, they share some similarities in functionality. Layers in a photo editing program allow for managing and organizing different graphical elements independently, facilitating the manipulation and editing of each element individually. Similarly, tags in SketchUp help organize and structure objects in a 3D model, providing a flexible way to manage visibility and organization of components. Ultimately, although specific applications may vary, the fundamental concepts of managing graphical elements or objects share similarities between layers and tags.

Sketchup Free? Yeah, you are limited. Whatever you are trying to do, you need to upgrade. Sure, in comparison to perhaps Blender, then I see your point but coming here getting upset about it really will fall on deaf ears. If you read the descriptions for each version, then you would know what you can and can’t do.

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Other than that, how do you like it?

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TIL that people really get bent out of shape when something called ‘Layers’ (that never really worked as true layers, in a drafting or graphic design sense, and yes, I teach so it was a problem) - gets named ‘Tags’ which makes more sense in a 3d modeling environment.