4 bugs in 10 minutes. Only with Sketchup

Sketchup has been around for many years and there have been so many updates, but it still manages to completely f*** up the most simple things. I made a video showing 4 bugs I encountered with sketchup in my latest 10 minutes of using it. I have been experiencing these bugs for my entire project and it’s gotten to the point where I never want to use this incredibly unstable program ever again.

Sure, there might be a solution for the problems I encounter, I even show you how I solve the problems, but how the HELL do these problems even exist? I have wasted HOURS having to fix every little annoying problem that rises, please, FIX THESE.

If anyone, some kind of miracle man, knows how to prevent these problems, please inform me.
I will never, ever be able to finish any of my projects in time with this kind of stupidity.

PS. I’m literally only working with planes here. They are all aligned perfectly, with the correct measurements, with the same degree of rotation.

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Maybe you could share the file, to see what others experience with it?

As mentioned by @IanT, it’s impossible to find the source of your “bugs” without having a look at the model, one example…



Seems to me you’re working too hard to do no more than you show being done.

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