SketchUp 2023 very frustrating

Since upgrading to SketchUp 2023 Studio from 2020 it has been nothing but problems, This was installed as administrator. In setting up the program so I can work across multiple screens as I have in previous version a few of the tray come up black until you click on them or resize them a little. Outliner will not show the currently selected item till I click on the outliner tray even when it is docked on the main screen, renaming items in outliner does not show what I am typing as I am typing it. Tags tray does the same thing as the outliner, can’t see what I am typing as im typing it. Turning off or on tags does not show up as I’m clicking on them.

The components tray will not fill the entire box no matter how many times I stretch it down. Once I close the program (or it Crashes) when I reopen the program its in the pre setup state of showing a few items and the bar at the bottom to pull it down to fill the tray.

And if I don’t save every few minutes the program crashes. This is what I’ve run across so far, other people in my office have had problems in Layout. This is very frustrating when your trying to work on tight deadlines to get things done.

Here are the specs of my 2-year-old computer,

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Processor Intel Xeon(R) Silver 4208 CPU 2.10GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB

What can I do to make this program run better?

try to update video card drivers

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1st thing we did…

I sent the crashing problem to support and this is in part what I got back;

We are seeing a bug in SketchUp 2023 where on some computers SketchUp crashes when changing/updating scenes. For some users this has been fixed by making sure that in the scenes settings for every scene the “Include in Animation” checkbox is checked. If you do that and SketchUp still crashes when changing scenes, you may want to revert to SketchUp 2022 until we can get a fix in place for this bug.

We are upgrading from version 2020, i have not not included any scenes ever. can’t even check to see if that is the problem, files crashes…

… and when this 1st started i copied the contents of the file info a new 2023 file in case there was an issue with the 2020 file this started as.

I’m not saying this is the problem but Nvidia quadro have issues with sketchup for some reason and Xeon processors lack of single core performance which is what sketchup uses, it’s better an i5 from 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th gen than a Xeon.

Some problems you’re experiencing are known bugs and should be fixed with the next update, most of the problems come from the migration to Qt framework, 2023 is the first version developed with this new platform, there are always bugs with a new version of any software. The real issue is that we are only told that this is going to be fixed but no one says when.

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I have not had issues with any Nvidia cards for years. Quadros just have no advantage over consumer cards in SketchUp or other CAD/BIM application use to justify the added cost.
In this case it is paired with a CPU with quite low single thread performance. The Xeon is slower than the mobile Intel CPU in my small ultrabook.

I have colleges that have issues with quadro gpu’s, it may be something else but colleges that have gaming gpu’s or apple gpu’s don’t have some of the problems that they have, I’ve also read some threads of people having issues with quadro gpu’s, I’m sure not everyone has this issues but it’s a bit common.

There’s the belief that Xeon processors are the best for all kind of professionals, that’s completely wrong, specially for graphic demanding jobs. Xeon, Threadripper or Epyc cpus are good for servers or for tasks where you need a lot of cores and threads but most 3D modeling softwares will take advantage of just a single core and thread, I’m not a developer so I don’t know the reason behind this. The only case where a Xeon processor could be useful is for cpu rendering but I prefer having a faster single core processor like an i5 or i7 from 12th or 13th gen and a powerful gpu for rendering, rendering with gpu is a lot faster than cpu rendering, even if you have a 32 or 64 cores cpu an RTX 4080 will do it at least 2 times faster.

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I am no developer either, but I understand that splitting up realtime modelling into threads is impossible (unless it is part of the weird things quantum computers can do). The Pentium CPUs together with multiprocessor motherboards came to the market in the early 1990s. Autodesk published a white paper promising an imminent release of a multiprocessor version of the 3D Studio modelling software (I don’t remember if the MAX epithet was already attached to the name). We are still waiting. Non-realtime rendering, disk I/O and such have been split years ago but modelling, no.

After basically being forced to upgrade because Trimble turned off a part of 2020 that we used and needed (Generate Report). Only to find the product is flawed and they offer no timeline to fix it and the only recourse is to roll back to a previous version is unacceptable. We paid for 2023, I spent time setting up 2023 for rollout to our team, and now I have to track and change all the layout file that we have worked on before we go to 2022 is going to be a lot of work on our part and time consuming.

I have been using SketchUp personally since version 2 and have never had any major problems, till now. I am very disappointed in this product at this point.


After using the free version of SketchUp many years ago when it was still a Google app(?), I never touched it again until we picked up the then-current 2022 Pro version. On initial inspection I thought, “Wow, this program has come a long way!” and It’s been essentially flawless so far. Therefore the complaints about 2023 have surprised me a lot. I have no plans to upgrade until there is no choice, but I believe the bugs will be ironed out by the time that happens.

Generate Report is an extension. You have to download and install it to use it. It has not been “turned off”. What is your actual problem?

“Generate Report” came with and was control by version 2020. it was not an extension that I downloaded and added. SketchUp sent a message that it was no longer supported in that version at there cut off off 2020 support back a few months ago. I’ve looked at other extensions out there but none did what we needed.

At this point in time, I would not be surprised if there is no update until the 2024 version is released. :open_mouth:

You are wrong.

I beg to differ:

Dynamic Components must be enabled in the extension manager to utilize the service.

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Sturnus is right this has been imbedded in the program for some time.

Dynamic Components are always enabled…

At 1st i got an error code when we where cut off, now its just a blue spinning icon…

At this point it does not matter about 2020v. Since we are a company they will shut down 2020 in the next month or so and we have to use the newer versions going forward. I like some of the new features but the program as a whole needs to work!

We are working with the Sketchup team and our IT department for a solution. but this is slowing down our production in the meantime and our commitments to our customers.

I don’t think so. Dynamic Components is an extension and you can disable it.

try it.

turn off the dynamic component extension in the extension warehouse. and restart your sketchup.

generate report is gone from the file menu.

However, I recall reading in some other thread that in recent times, it uses a web version of the tool, meaning that if your sketchup is not supported by trimble for web-related tools (geolocation, the warehouses) the report generation won’t work.

Again, I recall someone saying that turning off the internet connexion would force SU to revert to the old report code. But I couldn’t give you more infos on that, what version was impacter or else.

This is true for SketchUp Pro 2018 at least, I have done this process a few times in recent years.

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