SketchUp 2023 very frustrating

Correct, there is always a lag when you click on that tool as it check your info in with SketchUp.

Thanks TDahi for that information.

Not an option in the office any more, since we are moving forward with SketchUp. But I can try this at home on my personal licensed version if needed.

I am not moving forward at home, I use it for my own projects and really don’t need that option in what I do. I have personally updated to every version of Sketchup since version 2. But going to subscription is a non starter for me at this point in my career.

I am having the same issues as I am trying to install SU2023.
I have been afraid to update to the recent SU version because I feared issues, but I’m being forced to depart from SU2019 because it no longer allows 3D Warehouse access.

Is the only answer we are going to get “downgrade to 2022”?

…just over here loosing time, money, and the respect of our clients due to software issues. ugh.

You can still download models from the 3D warehouse website, download them as a collada file and import it from sketchup or download as a sketchup 2021 file, install the free plugin “open newer version” from eneroth and you’ll be able to open sketchup files downloaded from the 3D warehouse, to be able to install extensions you must also download them from the extension warehouse website and install them using the extension manager.

On the other hand, I’ve been using sketchup 2023 since day 1 of its release and I haven’t had any issues with it so far, and I use sketchup everyday for at least 8 hours. I’ve had some crashes but that’s normal with any software, I had also crashes with sketchup 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and so on. You can install it and try it to check if you have problems with it.

I have installed 2023 and I AM having these issues.

Use previous one for work and current (bleeding edge) for personal projects. That’s the way I do. Newer sofware allways tends to be buggy cause developers experiment with new technologies to make sketchup better.