Crash after enabling Scenes tray

Every time I open/enable Scenes toolbar, Sketchup crashes, regardless if it’s on present or new toolbar. Is it a bug?
Sketchup Pro 20.1.229 64bit, Win 7 Pro.


What Scenes toolbar? Is this some extension? There is no native Scenes toolbar. Only the Scenes inspector panel in the tray.

Is SketchUp crashing and giving a Bug Splat? Or is it doing something else. Does it do it in a new file?

The current version is 20.1.235. It was released to solve a crashing issue, though that was in LayOut. Still, it could be worth getting up to date, and installing 2020.1.1 may help with the issue you’re seeing.

Sorry, I meant Scenes Tray. It doesn’t give any bug splat, SU just exits (process killed). It does also on new files. I’ll try 20.1.235.

Same thing in 20.1.235

I have a more radical idea, but it has some amount of risk. So I will message you about it.

Editing registry not helped. Same thing in new workspace.

Just realized that you’re testing in 2020.1 now, and my suggestion was for 2018 (that your profile says0. Did you try the test with the 2020 workspace and not the 2018 one?

If you didn’t do it yet it would be worth submitting a support ticket. Me or a colleague could then try a screen share with you to see if that leads to other idea.

Yes, I did it on 2020 workspace registry.
Btw, do you know which BasPane registry entry in Workspace folder applies to Scenes tray? I could maybe enable it from there.

I don’t know if it has one. Its height and whether it is collapsed are in PrivatePreferences.json.

You could rename the SketchUp/SketchUp 2020 entry, that should rule out all registry issues.

I renamed SketchUp/SketchUp 2020 entry and it didn’t help. Actually deleting it resets only toolbars, not trays.

When I open the scenes tray, sketchup crashes. It creates a bugsplat notification. I recently changed computers to a Mac Book pro . I am using 2020 and only downloaded it a couple of days ago. The only other difference is that I installed vray extension.

I always have my sketchup crash when I open my scenes tab. Typically if i have over 10 scenes. I am on latest 2020 but this has always been an issue. I dont seem to be able to stop it generating thumbnails before it opens. I wish it was no thumbnails by default

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