Crash when closing default tray

Hi, I have a problem opening Sketchup Pro. When i create a new file and appears the window where I’ll draw, there is in the right the menu with style, tags, etc… But when I close the menu, sketchup close itself and report the bug. There is anybody that can help?
Thank you

Crash report number is #61118

Thank you @DanRathbun for the correction about my profile (I don’t still get how I can change these option :/) anyway, yes the operating system is Ms Windows 11. And about the version of SketchUp is the last one.

These are the inspector panels in a docking tray.

P.S. - [Your forum profile] …

  • “2024” is not an operating system. I think you are on MS Windows. But is it 10 or 11 ?
  • “Pro” is not a SketchUp version. It is a license type.

I filed a ticket on this, and looked at the comments users included along with the crash stacks. A large number of them were moving or rotating or even inserting components? We’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting.


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The op seems to indicate that the crash occurred when the tray was closed.

I edited the title to reflect that.

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Just a quick suggestion: add a description (as lots of people did) which is the only way I could begin to narrow down this one.



I looked through the bugplat log files and this bug is happens when trying to place a component. Drag a component from the component dialog or 3DW. We can’t tell what type of component and if any other geometry needs to be present when this happens.

If anyone can reproduce this please let us know your steps that we can get this fixed. TY ;)K

Okay, so perhaps the OP had selected a component in the Components inspector, which then activated the PlaceComponent tool, and then closed the tray whilst the instance was still attached to the mouse ?

Well actually I didn’t insert any components yet so I don’t think it is correlated.
An other thing, for the moment I found that if I don’t close the panel but I only fix it to the right of the window, so I’ll see only a strip, SketchUp works and it doesn’t go down.
I think the bug is exclusively related to the closure of the menu.

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I saw that your bugsplat was with using 2024.0. Could you repeat your tests using 2024.0.1? It’s here if you don’t already have it:

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