How to resolve a crash on startup?

Hi, I’m having a crash on startup. SU was working fine this morning but just started crashing after a PC restart.

And I get this message:

Sorry you just crashed!

This crash is related to your Snappy dialog tray setup.
We are looking into this issue. We are able to reproduce it if we have:

  1. a floating tray that has two tabs, the second of which is active.
  1. a tray that contains the Components Browser which is expanded - this tray does not have to be visible

I don’t have a floating tray but I do have a components browser visible (but not “expanded”).
But how can i fix it if i can’t load SU?

OK after 8+ attempts at launching sketchup pro, it finally just worked open and ran.

So I’m OK for now.
But should I be worried about this error returning? It’s critical that I am able to keep working today.


Im still getting crashes on starting and also more frequent crashes of sketchup itself.
Im struggling to understand why (not much in comon between files, what’s open on screen, etc)

Also not sure why a sketchup model would open OK after several repeated failed attempts. I’ve never seen that before in any software. And it’s not just one model, it’s about 50% or more.

Let’s see. SketchUp hasn’t changed recently so what has? Windows updates? They seem to come pretty frequently and it seems common for them to cause problems. GPU driver updates? Did a Windows update set the Intel GPU to override the nVidia GPU? That seems to happen to a fair number of users. Check to see that the nVidia card is being used by SketchUp.

Did you add some new extension recently? Maybe it causes issues.

So I’ve disabled all recent extensions. I haven’t kept track of which have updated recently (I have about 50 enabled).
I don’t have any ‘integrated’ GPU or onboard video.

If it was a windows 10 or nvidia driver update then I’d imagine there are lots of other users reporting it via SU Crash reports- is that the case??

Is there any useful information in the dump file?


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