Renaming the Default tray crashes SketchUp 2023 when closing SketchUp

On a Windows 11 laptop with SketchUp 2023 you can rename the default tray to something else like “Zeichnen”.
But when you close SketchUp 2023, it crashes.
Next time you start SketchUp 2023, the renaming of the default tray is gone and it is called again “Default Tray”.

FWIW Win 10 does not crash if attempting to rename the default tray.

The bottom line is, they do not allow the default tray to be renamed.

On the same Laptop in SketchUp 2022 I can rename the default tray and SketchUp does not crash when closing SketchUp.

If they would not allow it, then they should prevent it already within SketchUp by disabling the “Rename” option for the default tray.
But having SketchUp crash (bug splat) when closing SketchUp is defenitely not the way to go. :wink:

Why is it important to rename the Default tray?

I have three trays, one for everything which has to do with Drawing (Entity Info, Components, Materials, etc), one for Representation (Shadow, style, Photo match, etc) and one for the Outliner.
With this concept, the name “Default Tray”, makes not much sense.

Sure, renaming is not a killer criteria, but that SketchUp 2023 crashes when closing it, should be a no go for a developer. Especially, if in the previous version 2022 all worked perfect.

Why don’t you make your three custom trays and leave the Default Tray alone so you have something to fall back on if you need it?

That would work. However, in the menu you then still have the “Default Tray” entry, which is of no use.

The problem remains, that renaming the “Default tray” will work until you close SketchUp and then it crashes with a bug splat.
This is a bug, which I hope will be eliminated. They had it working in SketchUp 2022, so it should be simple to fix.

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