Black windows appear in several trays! Sketchup 2023

I just installed Sketchup 2023, rearranged all toolbars and trays as it was in the previous version but I get this ‘error’. The materials, styles and components won’t appear. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers last night, will this be the cause? EDIT: When I slightly resize them in width I get to see the normal content.

Thanks in advance!!


there already are other topics about this

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Thanks Paul, didn’t see them…

To be honest I’ve never had such a buggy new release of SketchUp before…constant bug splashes.


Good morning. I also see black windows on the second screen. then resize them back to normal. certainly a problem. every time i close sketchup it goes into BUG . I noticed that if I close the “structure” window, the BUGS decrease.
there are definitely things to improve.

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Trays are blank when starting up?
Very irritating work around. Hide the tray and then unhide it.

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Do you have a dual monitor setup? I have, and when I place the trays, which are placed on my second monitor, back to my first monitor and restart SU, they are not black. So, it probably has something to do wit a dual monitor setup. Hope Trimble can fix this…

ANY RESOLTUION TO THIS TOPIC? So frustratingly slow… why not just leave a good thing alone?!

Are you using version 23.1.315? It has been addressed.


No, i am not.
I will update and cross my fingers.
Thank you so much for the reply.

JUst installed and it seems to be working much better! Thank you for the help!

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