Sketchup 2023 Bug Regarding Floating Trays on a Second Monitor

I have this issue as well. I have been trying all sorts of things but this still happens. If I spread the screen over 2 monitors then it works well. But this is awkward on opening other programs that fill the 2 screens. It would be great if this could be sorted some way

Are all your monitors connected directly to the graphics card? “Docks” often have all kinds of weird problems with OpenGL. Are all your monitors running with the same display scaling? (just continuing the questioning @dezmo started, clutching at straws).

I have the same issue using a second monitor. Back to 2022.

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All monitors are connected directly to the gpu. I do have one 1920x1080 monitor… But I shouldn’t have to abandon a monitor at a different scale to get this to work. Still, I’ll test it out when I’m back home!

Unfortunately, disconnecting the one 1920x1080 monitor does not resolve the issue.

However I’ve confirmed that ever-so-slightly “resizing” the tray gets it working again, so even on initial boot when it doesn’t work, I can just reset the tray height and it starts working again.

I’d say at this point it’s 100% an issue with Google Sketchup 2023, since the ability to work with the trays on a secondary monitor has been working for several versions prior; but, it’s been reduced to a super minor inconvenience since I can confirm just resizing the tray fixes.

Still, should probably be looked into. So in conclusion:

Problem: When working with floating trays on secondary monitors in Sketchup 2023, the tray categories will load to a blank black screen, or not function correctly. Trays will function normally when anchored or when floating when loaded on the same monitor.

Workaround: Once Sketchup loads, resize the floating tray (Height or width) on the secondary monitor and proper functionality will return.

Solution: TBA? Lol.

He is opened a ticket…

I meant display scaling, not physical pixels. From Windows Display settings:
I seem to remember people having issues when using several monitors with different scale factors. I don’t know if it would cause this.

Ah, no, all my monitors run at 100%, recommended settings; I’m good there. Not blind enough to need an increase in scale/dpi, yet… :laughing:

I cannot replicate your bug on my multimonitor setup although i do use AMDs eyefinity so the OS believes all my monitors are 1 large monitor.

It might be those users connecting a 2nd screen via a non OpenGL compatible display adapter , that always causes issues

Arcwalde, I am seeing the exact same behavior on my system, except that the individual panes in the trays are not blacked out. They show their initial values, and are frozen: they are not updated when I select a different entity or toggle the View/Hide eyeball in the Tags and Outliner panes. Their functionality is restored when I resize the tray window, but not when I move the tray back to the main monitor but leave it floating. If I anchor the tray to the side of the main SU window, its functionality is restored. If the tray is initially floating over the SU workspace or anchored to its side, this behavior does not manifest.

This definitely has to do with a second monitor. If the trays are on monitor 1, but outside the main SU window, they work properly. It is only when they are on the second monitor that the problem arises.

Sketchup Pro 2023
Windows 10 Pro version 21H2, OS build 19044.2604
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor, 3.70 GHz
XFX Radeon HD R7700 Black Edition graphics card with 1 GB DDR5
monitor 1: LG QHD 2560 x 1440, 100% scaling
monitor 2: Dell SE2717H 1920 x 1080, 100% scaling

Bret Sutton
SU hobbyist since 2005

This drove me to try the trays on my second monitor. Not only do they function as intended but the positioning mechanism also works. This is on Win 10. I have Nvidia graphics, RTX2070. One monitor is on a display port cable and the other is on an HDMI cable. To me, it appears to be a driver issue or something else in the PC. About enough to drive one mad.

Hi All, Read all this with frustration; I have similar issues. My GPU crapped itself (prior GTX1060 6G) and now I have a GTX1660Ti 6G. A similar thing is happening. My trays literally jump off the second screen (incl other tool bars). They will not allow themselves to be placed. When they do ‘disappear’ the only way to find them is to scale back to 100% and place them back in the native window. I’m on SU2022 with W10 and this worked fine prior to the GPU poopie. As a building designer, this issue is a major inconvenience. Trimble should really address with as it is the 21st century.

… a further note; The Model Info & Preferences dialog boxes are not subject to this issue.

Similar behavior of windows after updating to 2023. When minimized, the windows themselves and the materials expand to 100 percent and use the screen half, after scaling they do not shrink and shrink without changing the view, i.e. there is no way to change

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I have four 2560x1440 monitors three of which are connected to the RTX 2060 and the forth to the onboard graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 630).

I’m always on the latest stable Windows.

I haven’t experienced any issue so far.

My trays float freely on any monitor that’s out of the way of the modelling area.

It is clear to me that this is a system variable issue (ie. some have a problem while others do not). Trimble needs to take charge of the tray / toolbar issue. The problem isn’t there for the Model Info or Pref dialogues, so use whatever Windows isolated coding they have on the trays and toolbars. How hard can it be? Tons of us use multiple monitors and many other apps do no have this issue. Come on Trimble, get the basics right before adding feature that no-one asked for or are already available from third-party developers.

… as an add to this; I have W11 running on a separate partition, same GPU, same SU, same problem.

The mere fact that this is being ignored by Trimble is testament to the level of customer support being offered. “The bigger they get, the less they care”.

Just curious as to what is the feature in question in this thread…?