Sketchup 2023 Bug Regarding Floating Trays on a Second Monitor

In Sketchup 2023, when I load a new or existing project, my custom trays do not load properly. I host my trays on a second monitor, and the Materials, Styles and Components section, between my two trays, load to a black screen.

I can fix this by moving the Trays into a position WITHIN the sketchup window (IE left, right, top, bottom) and then moving them back out, but on next load it occurs again. I don’t keep them within the Sketchup window because it clutters my workspace. This is essentially how it looks currently with a project loaded:

I should also note that while it’s like this, while I can expand tag folders, I can’t hide or show tags. When I click on a group, entity info will not show. I can toggle shadows on or off though; fog also works.

Not sure if it’s an Extension compatibility issue, but I’m pretty sure everything I use is up to date for 2023 (And all the extensions I loaded are currently working I believe). This was not normal behavior in Sketchup 2022; I essentially recreated the same layout I was using in the previous version.

Any insight would be appreciated!

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Perhaps it is a graphics card issue. Have you tried to update the graphic card driver from Nvidia site?

Considering it was working just fine in Sketchup 2022 as I was mirroring my setup between the two versions, I’m doubtful it’s a graphics driver issue. However, for the sake of testing I did run an update just now. Same results, running an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti on driver version 528.59. :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Note: After some additional testing, I should note that if I move the trays into the Sketchup window and leave them there, they load just fine on next boot. Also, if the trays are floating and on the same monitor, they load just fine. It only seems to occur when the trays are loaded on a second monitor, which was not an issue in Sketchup 2022.

So it appears to specifically be a problem with multi-monitor setups, only impacting Sketchup 2023, works just fine in Sketchup 2022.

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Actually, behind the scenes SketchUp (on Windows) has been extensively changed to use the Qt GUI framework instead of the old Microsoft MFC. So, I guess trying graphic driver update make sense…
But it is entirely possible that new GUI have bug(s).

Maybe you can also try to plug the HDMI/Displayport monitor cable to other port of your card…

All my ports are taken up. :frowning:

I am a man of many monitors, hahaha

I heve 4 :wink:
Rearranging the location of monitors or set default monitor to other one. sometimes helps… .
(No more idea yet :wink: )

I tried my other monitors; all of them besides one are on DisplayPort, so I tried it from my HDMI monitor. Unfortunately same results.

It’s an extreme inconvenience having to move the trays back and forth from the main monitor to another one just to avoid this problem, but, ultimately, it’s not a deal breaker because… well, I need Sketchup to pursue my hobbies, so inconvenience triumphs over general usage.

If this new GUI is the culprit, it would certainly be something I’d like to have someone look into, as it’d be a major inconvenience for those of us who use multiple monitors with Sketchup. Not sure if someone else is able to replicate to confirm it’s a multi-user issue; I’d hate to be the only one with the problem, but if it is what it is, it is what it is!

Got to say that you picked an amazing model to “reveal” in your thread here. Care to disclose what you are working on?

That is my lovingly unofficially named Chonker, officially the Noble Tartuga, the second in my line of Noble series Armatures. Chonkiness not quite apparent yet. More on my DeviantArt or Pixiv.

But yeah, if anyone with a second monitor could try replicating this I’d be happy!

I have this issue as well. I have been trying all sorts of things but this still happens. If I spread the screen over 2 monitors then it works well. But this is awkward on opening other programs that fill the 2 screens. It would be great if this could be sorted some way

Are all your monitors connected directly to the graphics card? “Docks” often have all kinds of weird problems with OpenGL. Are all your monitors running with the same display scaling? (just continuing the questioning @dezmo started, clutching at straws).

I have the same issue using a second monitor. Back to 2022.

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All monitors are connected directly to the gpu. I do have one 1920x1080 monitor… But I shouldn’t have to abandon a monitor at a different scale to get this to work. Still, I’ll test it out when I’m back home!

Unfortunately, disconnecting the one 1920x1080 monitor does not resolve the issue.

However I’ve confirmed that ever-so-slightly “resizing” the tray gets it working again, so even on initial boot when it doesn’t work, I can just reset the tray height and it starts working again.

I’d say at this point it’s 100% an issue with Google Sketchup 2023, since the ability to work with the trays on a secondary monitor has been working for several versions prior; but, it’s been reduced to a super minor inconvenience since I can confirm just resizing the tray fixes.

Still, should probably be looked into. So in conclusion:

Problem: When working with floating trays on secondary monitors in Sketchup 2023, the tray categories will load to a blank black screen, or not function correctly. Trays will function normally when anchored or when floating when loaded on the same monitor.

Workaround: Once Sketchup loads, resize the floating tray (Height or width) on the secondary monitor and proper functionality will return.

Solution: TBA? Lol.

He is opened a ticket…

I meant display scaling, not physical pixels. From Windows Display settings:
I seem to remember people having issues when using several monitors with different scale factors. I don’t know if it would cause this.

Ah, no, all my monitors run at 100%, recommended settings; I’m good there. Not blind enough to need an increase in scale/dpi, yet… :laughing:

I cannot replicate your bug on my multimonitor setup although i do use AMDs eyefinity so the OS believes all my monitors are 1 large monitor.

It might be those users connecting a 2nd screen via a non OpenGL compatible display adapter , that always causes issues

Arcwalde, I am seeing the exact same behavior on my system, except that the individual panes in the trays are not blacked out. They show their initial values, and are frozen: they are not updated when I select a different entity or toggle the View/Hide eyeball in the Tags and Outliner panes. Their functionality is restored when I resize the tray window, but not when I move the tray back to the main monitor but leave it floating. If I anchor the tray to the side of the main SU window, its functionality is restored. If the tray is initially floating over the SU workspace or anchored to its side, this behavior does not manifest.

This definitely has to do with a second monitor. If the trays are on monitor 1, but outside the main SU window, they work properly. It is only when they are on the second monitor that the problem arises.

Sketchup Pro 2023
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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor, 3.70 GHz
XFX Radeon HD R7700 Black Edition graphics card with 1 GB DDR5
monitor 1: LG QHD 2560 x 1440, 100% scaling
monitor 2: Dell SE2717H 1920 x 1080, 100% scaling

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