Two monitors, wandering trays

Hi all. I’m using SUP Pro 2022 on my Dell desktop with two monitors, with the standard arrangement of trays on one monitor, workspace on the other. Here’s the weird thing that happens. When I go away for a while (e.g. lunch break) and my computer goes to sleep, when I come back, all the trays have moved to the workspace monitor and I have to drag them back! Any ideas?

A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, did you install SketchUp correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing run as administrator. There have been cases in which users did not install SketchUp correctly and that prevented SketchUp from writing the files required to save tray and toolbar locations due to insufficient permissions.

The other thing is that maybe the required file with tray/toolbar locations hadn’t been updated before you went away to eat your peanutbutter sandwich. You might try saving your model, quitting SketchUp and then reopening it after you’ve moved the trays. Does the tray remain in place after the computer nods off and is reawakend?

BTW, please add the SketchUp version to your profile. If you do that you won’t have to tell us every time you post which version you are using.

Hi DaveR–thanks for the thoughts! W/r/t your first idea, I’m not sure. Is there a way I can check?

W/r/t your second idea, I’m not clear on the sequence you’re suggesting–
a) save model
b) quit Sketchup
c) reopen model
d) go have lunch
e) come back, wake up computer, and see if the trays have moved?

Yes. Basically that. Saving the model and closing SketchUp should prompt the file that holds toolbar and tray location info to be updated. When you open SketchUp again you should see the same arrangement. Going to eat lunch will give your computer a chance to take a nap.

Windows 10 or 11? Display settings on 11, at least allow you to save window position after waking from sleep.

Hit Windows button on keyboard
Start typing displ…