SketchUp Trays disappear using multi monitors

I usualy use two monitor, I put the trays in one and in the other monitor I work in to the model. In SketchUp pro 2017 but even in previous version when I disconnect the second monitor (because I use a laptop) some trays disappear and is impossible to have back it, in the window menu that tray or those trays are in show mode, but they aren’t! I can switch to hide and show but nothing, even quite SU and start again is unuseful, simply the trays are missing, so I have to create some new one again. I cannot believe that I am the only one that use multi monitors with a laptop. I think this is a issue to solve.
Thank you

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When you disconnect your laptop you should tell your system that the other monitor is going.
For example on mine I right click on the screen go to Graphic options and select Output to built in Monitor. This way my system knows to put everything back on the main screen.
That being said I often forget to do and have dialogs opening offscreen.
The all in one way to fix it is to go to Window/Preferences/Workspace and hit Reset Workspace. This should set everything back into place.
But, sometimes it is actually the Preferences dialog that is opening offscreen so you can’t do that. eeeek.
So, any time you want to bring a missing dialog back, Activate the dialog (go window/preferences), so that it has the focus, then hit alt and space together, then tap m, then tap any arrow key, now, without clicking, move the mouse around until the dialog reappears on your screen.


Thank you!

If the Dialog boxes are stuck in the other desktop (that is now missing),
most laptops have a “presentation key”.
If toggles the laptop from Led screen to Led screen and/or external monitor.
This button usually looks like a monitor beside a movie screen.
You usually have to press the “FU” (function key) as well. Look in your manual.
This will toggle you back to the laptop screen, and move everything back to this screen.

Oh Great! Thx mclancer, you just save my life. I didn’t have a second monitor to do the first trick.

Muchas gracias, es fantástico. Thankyou it was great

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