Using SketchUp on Laptop with and without external monitors

I have an odd issue that is most definitely not a Sketchup issue but hoping someone may have a solution. Running Windows 10, SU2106PRO, most recent update. I run an external monitor with extended desktop. I have never had this happen but yesterday after shutting down I went to a clients home and restarted my laptop without the external monitor. Sketchup loaded to a phantom external monitor (no accessible from my laptop screen). The display settings showed no external monitor. Using windows+P and trying to switch was futile. Checking the graphics and display settings did nothing. Changing resolution did nothing. I was able to move the application onto my laptop display two ways, by keyboard initiation of the Move function and then arrow keys, and the other was to cascade all my windows. So at that point I have SU back, BUT my default tray is still over on the other non-existent monitor. Reboot several times did nothing. I was stuck.

This morning I come into the office and start sketchup with the dual monitor and low and behold SU is on my laptop screen where I left it, and the default tray is all the way over on the right hand side of my second monitor.

Anyone know of a workaround or solution for this if it happens again? I hate the thought of having to move all my windows back to the laptop screen before shutting down each day. Ive been using this arrangement for years and never once had this problem.

Thanks for any input.


Next time, Before you unplug from the second monitor, disconnect from it.
You can usually right click on the screen and choose the Graphic options, turn off the Extend display… and you should be good to go.

Laptops mostly also have a function key shortcut for connecting and disconnecting external display devices.


Since you are using Windows 10, the option to disconnect should be available under your “Action Center” the menu that pops out from the right edge of the screen.