One screen vs two screens

Situation: I have two screens (laptop monitor and secondary monitor) at home and use only my laptop monitor at work. At home, I put the SU on the secondary monitor with menus on my laptop monitor and exit the app. Then I go to work and call up SU. The SU is nowhere to be found but the menus appear on my laptop monitor with no way to transfer the SU interface back to the laptop monitor. The only fix is to get a secondary monitor and transfer the SU back to the laptop monitor in order to work with one monitor. SU does not recognize the fact that I have gone back to one monitor with the SU interface stuck on the imaginary second monitor.

You need to reset the multi setup back to laptop rather than extended before you unplug the laptop.
If you forget and find yourself stuck, open preferences and reset workspace.
If you can’t get to preferences because it is opening off screen,
go, Window/Preferences (to get focus on that dialog) then alt and space together, then m, then tap any arrow key once and finally move the mouse around without clicking anything until the preferences window shows on your screen, then Reset Workspace.

Thank you for this tip. I will check it out later this afternoon!

I have the same issues, except on a Mac, and not just SketchUp, there are other applications as well. What I do is have folders where I save two sets of alternate preference for SketchUp, one labeled “SU home” and one labeled “SU road.” When I switch, I copy out and back the preference files used by SU. On a Mac, there are two files, “PrivatePreferences.json” and “SharedPreferences.json” in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp that seem to be pertinent, and a preference file, “com.sketchup.SketchUp.2018.plist” in ~/Library/Preferences. In older versions of SU, only the latter existed or mattered. I’m not a Windows guy, so maybe a Windows expert can relate what the equivalent files and folders are on Windows. Switching these files is still a PITA. I wish there were a nice interface with radio button selection of saved workspaces to use. That’s the kind of thing that computers do well. As I said, I have other applications that need this, so it’s really something the OS should provide to developers to call on.

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Now I am in the office away from my second monitor. I have both SU and LO on my screen with all trays from home on the other screen and now I can’t see them! I checked my settings and it shows one monitor instead of 2. BTW, I am using Windows 10.

What I can do is create another tray and label them to work on single screen and have the same choices as the one out in cyperspace! With the new trays created, I am going to dock them! When I am on 2 screens, I just hide those trays docked to the first monitor.

Is there a SU setting that I can copy and rename to work with a single monitor that I won’t start the app on the invisible second screen? If possible, my idea is to just name the settings HOME and other OFFICE.

The locations of toolbars and the trays are Registry thing which might be more trouble to work with than it’s worth.

Although not for the reason of switching between one display and two, I have a set up a second user on my computer for the video tutorials. For that one I keep only the very basic set of toolbars displayed. My primary user version has a whole lot more toolbars because of the extensions I use frequently. The tray I use in my primary setup is rearranged from the default arrangement which I use with my tutorial setup. Perhaps you could do a similar thing and have a “work” user and a “home” user.

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Multiple users sounds more elegant. Files, folders and permissions: do you set permissions for both users to overlap, or store files in folders outside both user’s home folders? I should think either method works.

I duplicate folders like Plugins, Materials, and Styles from User/App Data/Roaming/… but the SketchUp files are stored on a second drive in a folder that is available to both users. At least for me, this works quite well. I don’t have to change my own personal setup when I record tutorial videos when I don’t want to clutter up the screen. If I’m featuring a specific extension in a tutorial, I’ll enable its toolbar but I don’t keep extension toolbars out as a habit.

So you didn’t reset the workspace.

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