Windows that are supposed to be opened but aren't actually opened

Suddenly, when I opened Sketchup today, it shows my Windows that are supposed to be opened but aren’t actually opened
Like - Entity, Styles, Tags, etc not showing up
I did a restart but nothing changed.
I also opened a new Sketchup drawing and it has the same problems.


do you have a second monitor, if so, are they there ? when using dual screen, sometimes, SU launches on both, resulting in having a bit of stuff everywhere.

If you go to the menu bar (top), in the “window” menu, are your windows ticked ?

yes, SU remembers your interface between sessions. so if the windows are misplaced / all deactivated, SU remembers.

Try: window - preferences - workspace - reset workspace

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hmm on a mac it’ll be “sketchup - preferences”

but yeah. try that too.

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Missed that…

Yes the second monitor issue. You’re right. I unplugged it and restarted sketchup. Got my windows back like entity, etc. Thx!!!

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yeah, SU on a dual screen mac likes to eject one or more windows on the secondary monitor. Last friday, for me, it was the extended toolbar. Right position, wrong screen.

I guess it has to do with the fact our windows are free / unattached, and macOS tries to unclutter our screen.
that, or the tray gremlin.