Sketchup menus and workspace

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a weird issue with SketchUp menus, lately. Every time I open any of my sketchup projects, my menus (tags, scenes…) are not open, when I go into the windows menu there is a dash near the main ones I use, which usually means they are minimised, although they are nowhere to be seen. Then when I click on each one to open, none will open. So EVERYTIME I open a project, I need to go into preferences to reset the workspace. I cant understand why it’s not saving my workspace. please help

Have you saved the workspace as a template?

No I haven’t, didn’t even know you could do that!

Would you be able to explain to me how it’s done?

A template is a SketchUp file and does not control UI in any way.

I have seen this happen, too. I have yet to figure out exactly why, though. Perhaps @colin has some input?

Is this a recent install of SketchUp on this computer? Do you use a second monitor at any time? Has anything changed on your computer recently (system update)?

I do use a monitor, but I always have, this is quite a recent problem I have, not sure if its due to 2023 version, I dont recall having the issue prior

Could it have started when you installed 23? Could be a permissions issue.

This happens to me when I use an external monitor with my laptop (Macbook Pro M2 Max). If I go from working with just the laptop to then attaching the additional monitor, the mini-windows end up reduced and hidden at the very bottom of my laptop screen (I have the monitor set as main). I have ‘solved’ the problem by making sure I quit SU anytime I am moving between set-ups. I hope this helps. Actually, I hope it makes sense.

I have seen this problem as well. Look in the Window menu and you’ll see Hide Dialogs, or Show Dialogs.


Something is triggering that. Try selecting it once or twice, and see if the dialogs come back.

What happens when you close your MacBook Pro lid? Then when you open it do you still have the same problem. I use two monitors and I keep my Mac laptop closed. Everything seems to work OK

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Ok guys, so according to all the comments, I have tried some things and here is what happened:

It seems that when I open a project purely on my Mac, the menus are there.
However, when I open a Sketchup project and I have my monitor connected, the menus do not show up. (@Chip_Cookie I did check around to see if anything was reduced and hidden, not the case)

But, I did go to the windows menu and clicked “hide dialog” then clicked again to " show dialog" and the menus appeared!!

so so happy, thank you all for the comments and the help