Managing 2 monitors in SketchUp 2022

I just upgraded from an old MacBook Pro running Mojave with SU Pro 2021 to a MacBook Pro 16" running Ventura 13.2 with SU Pro 2022. My two screens are the built-in MBP display and an LG 4K. On the old setup, my menus opened on the MBP display and the drawing files in the LG because there’s more screen space there. In the new setup, the menus and drawing files both open in the smaller MBP display. Is there a page somewhere on workspace management in 2022?

I’m still on 2020, so you’re ahead of me here. I keep asking for better management of workspaces. Remember when someone wrote a utility for PowerCADD that let you save and restore sets of window and palette locations for one and two monitors? That spoiled me, because now I know how it could be. Honestly, it would be very valuable to a LOT of users, and it doesn’t seem like all that difficult a programming task.

As far as I know there is no way to do this from within SKP.

I am using a 27" iMac with 2020 Pro and often run LO and V-Ray. I use a dual monitor setup with main drawing on my iMac and found the app ‘stay’ - it resides in my menu bar over by the clock and works perfectly 90% of the time. Sometimes it forgets to snap back the tool pallets / windows when waking from sleep, or sometimes the materials pallet or entity info doesn’t snap back - but its just a hotkey or menu click away.

A quick update: now the menus are staying where I want them; I guess a recent update fixed this issue.

Recent update of which? MacOS or SketchUp?

I’m not sure which; I just noticed it was now working after not working on SketchUp for a few weeks.