Sketchup Tool Windows wont stick to second monitor?!?!

Just setting up a new 2019 Macbook Pro with 2018 Sketchup Pro and Layout. Also have a 15” Asus Travel Monitor connecting via USB-C.

I setup Sketchup Pro with all the tool windows on the second monitor. When switching to another app on the second monitor and then returning to Sketchup Pro, all the tool windows have returned to the main laptop monitor and are literally scattered all over the place like a child tossed a bunch of paper.

Tried the same process with Layout and was expecting the same behavior, but there, the tool windows stayed put on the second monitor. Seems like there must be a preference of some kind that I have to set keep the windows in place with Sketchup Pro.

Has anyone heard of this behavior with Sketchup Pro before? Been using a 2013 Mac Pro (Trash Can) for 6 years and never had this problem. Any help would be awesome.


Keith Brooks

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try opening SU on the second monitor first and then move the SU main document window to the laptop…

use to work on my macbook pro…


That was it…thanks for that!