Tool bars disappear with two monitors the reappear at click

Hi All, I’m a newby trying to become competent. I’m using a mac mini with two monitors. Sketchup make 17 on one, youtube instructionals on the other. I get my tool bars set up the way I want and they stay in view until I click the other monitor, then they drop out, and reappear when I click the screen again. Is there a way to keep them in view when I’m working on the other monitor? Thanks!

Please update your profile with your SketchUp version and GPU to get accurate help.

That’s just how SketchUp behaves on the Mac. When the focus goes to a different app, the toolbars and inspector windows disappear, even on a single monitor.

yes, but, you would need to open the tutorials ‘inside’ SU in an web dialog [like used by many extensions]…

if you then move it to the second monitor your toolbars should remain intact when using pause/play etc…

copy/paste this into Ruby Console and hit enter to test…

dialog =
  :dialog_title => "Dialog Example",
  :preferences_key => "com.sample.plugin",
  :scrollable => true,
  :resizable => true,
  :width => 600,
  :height => 400,
  :left => 100,
  :top => 100,
  :min_width => 50,
  :min_height => 50,
  :max_width =>1000,
  :max_height => 1000,
  :style => UI::HtmlDialog::STYLE_DIALOG