Bug with dual monitors


Dual monitor set up on Win7:

When using the secondary monitor for the main SU display, and placing dialog windows for Entity Info, Layers, Styles, etc (secondary windows) in the primary monitor…

Then changing the primary display to the other monitor with SU open, the secondary windows move off the viewports of both monitors, out into space somewhere. This includes the SU start-up page.

The only way to recover the secondary windows again is to go back to the previous primary monitor (from the Control Panel), where the secondary windows re-appear on the non-primary screen. They can then be placed back on the primary display, and saved by closing SU.

Sound confusing? You bet!


Hi Griffin,

I have a dual monitor setup running SU2014 on Win7 OS. This dual display has been stable for more than a year now. When I initially adopted this arrangement, occasionally the toolbars or other dialog boxes would become rearranged. I was able to compensate/correct this behavior by using a template I established as a startup window for SketchUp to re-establish toolbar and dialog box positions where I wanted them.

My current display configuration has the SketchUp file appearing on the primary window and the dialog boxes showing in the secondary monitor. This has worked consistently with no need to reset at all, regardless of the number of SU files being operated at the same time