Positioning of subwindows is restricted in movement on multi-monitor configuration

Repro available on request.

Three and counting…got more that you don’t want to explain?

Hello @shadows,

We do not officially support a second monitor, but we understand the frustrations around this and this is a known issue. At this moment in time, there is no current work around.

@ChrisDizon anything to add?

Thanks @AlexB. Nice to seem some professional support here. I understand software project priorities all too well. I thought it did not hurt to communicate what was noticed on a minimal effort basis and invest more should the team deem it’s worthwhile. We take the same approach with the many software products we build to get the most bang for our customers buck in a world with ever increasing pressures.

FYI You should understand as well that our Sages are a form of professional support and are here – just like us – to support the community.

Thanks for expressing your issues and we will try to keep this thread up to date with any changes or work arounds. It would be interesting to know your background and how you use SketchUp! I would encourage you to introduce yourself here.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Positioning of subwindows is restricted in movement on multi-monitor configuration

Not sure that I fully understand your meaning, but I have a multi-monitor setup where I continuously run SU. The dialogue boxes for controlling Entity Info, Materials, Components, Styles, Layers, Outliner, Scenes, Shadows, Fog, Match Photo, and Soften Edges may be docked successfully, but none of these can be moved off the primary monitor. The screen featuring the file being worked on can be displayed on either the primary or secondary monitor at the user’s discretion. Because of this limitation, (which actually poses no problem for me), my setup positions the operational SU file(s) along with the attendant toolbars on the larger secondary monitor and the docked controller panels remain on the primary monitor. This arrangement allows me to easily transition between multiple SU files as well as toggling to a web browser or to reference a different program such as Excel or Photoshop without losing a step. It functions to my advantage because the docked panels never compete with the main file for screen real estate space.

I understand very well @AlexB. I have extensive experience with community contributions and contributors in all manner of projects - we endeavour to keep them professional and courteous to harness the value they bring without pushing new interest away.

That is great to hear, as that is what I encourage and expect from this little (and growing) community here.


Keep it courteous and everybody wins in community. You’ve got a great product here and good support technology. It’s also very refreshing to see a software company with resourcing under control where you can stay on top of potential bug reports.

sub windows appear to be positionable when multiple screens are side by side, but sketchup seems to prevent windows moving higher and lower than the bounds of the main window so when monitors are positioned on top of each other they become unusable. this can be a nuisance but its usable, the reason I ended up at this thread though is because when sub windows are positioned on a monitor that is then disconnected, there is no way to bring it back into visible view, even restarting sketchup still remembers that the sub window is to be positioned on a screen that no longer exists, without physically plugging in another monitor, I no of no way to get the sub windows back into view. this can be really annoying if I forget to move them back to the main screen before un docking my laptop and going away from desk.

did you look at this topic?

Is there any update on this issue please as lost Fog dialogue box! Thanks

More info: I use three monitors and recently upgraded to SU16