Issue when using two monitors with different resolution/position

I’m using two monitors for work. Primary monitor is old 19" LCD with 1280x1024 resolution and secondary monitor is LCD TV with 1920x1080. As the TV is bigger and has bigger resolution it’s lower and upper screen edges do not match the edges of LCD. The problem is when I have sketchup on the TV. I can’t move any of the application windows (e.g. layers, components, textures,…) higher than upper edge of the primary monitor.
I’m attaching the image to show my monitor setup.

I know it’s easy to spend other peoples’ money, but good monitors are really a bargain these days. You could fix yourself up with a couple of decent matched 22" or 24" units for a few hundred dollars and achieve a tremendous improvement in productivity.

Why in the world do you waste your work time with such poor equipment? The typical worst possible business decision is to compensate for poor equipment with extra manpower, always a losing tradeoff. The lost productivity is generally worth many times more than the cost of the equipment.


@Gully: I know my setup is weird but it’s old. The TV is for watching movies. I can buy 2x24" whenever I want but i’m not going to do that now. I assume you wrongly understood the term “for work”. I’m not 3d designer. I’m not using sketchup at all. I’m just playing with it right now because I would like to reconstruct my flat and i’m designing my kitchen in it. So it’s not wasting my work time as you thought. :wink:

@denisroy: I know about alignment and my alignment is exactly like at the picture. My LCD lower edge is physically 6-7cm below the edge of the TV so when i move mouse between them the cursor stays in the same height, not jumping up or down. I used to it and like it this way.

Guys, with all respect to your suggestions and opinions I came here to report a bug, not to discuss my setup. :smile:
And I assume it is a bug because sketchup wrongly calculates the position of it’s windows on secondary screen and take the edge values from primary monitor, not the one where it is running.

as you are the first of the many ‘multi screen’ users to ever ‘report’ this unique bug, it is a fair assumption your setup is the issue…


You speak as though your setup’s age somehow mitigates its weirdness. On the contrary, I’d say it compounds it. Personally, even if I lived in a used refrigerator box I’d find a way to upgrade my video system: even if it’s not for “work,” the upgrade would be worthwhile if only in terms of nuisance value and the preservation of my mental health.

I wonder if it’s fair to call something a “bug” if it afflicts only a single system that is possibly unique in the world.


I assume you wrongly used it.


Since when is unique to have one LCD panel as primary and extended the screen to second LCD TV for watching the movies? :smiley:

Yes. I did. I’m not english native speaker and sometimes I choose wrong words.

@denisroy Thanks, I will check the drivers. I’m sure they are not up to date but not as old as well.
I never had such issue in any other software.

It’s certainly not a unique issue. I have seen it many times on various setups, mine and others, it’s never bothered me enough to explore the reasons behind it.
I can reproduce it using SU2015 on my current setup, I can move dialogs from 2 to 3 but not up to 1.

SU2016 on the other hand has no such limitations.
Sometimes people experience problems where they can’t move any dialogs from one screen to another, I’ve even seen it where all the dialogs are locked to one screen and the workspace is on another and never the twain shall meet.
I imagine these anomalies can all be corrected somewhere in the workings of Windows settings, but I’ve never tried to work out where.

Yes indeed W7. Did upgrade tp Win10 for a while but went back.

@denisroy I was on W7 when experiencing this issue. Last month I upgraded to W10 and the issue remains. I have ATI HD4800 series but the drivers are not up to date.

I suggest you go to and down load the 15.10 64bit Version and burn to a DVD then do a TRY IT ( runs in ram and off the DVD while in this mode ) you will see major difference in computer !