Screen resolution 3840 and 1920


until now I had a main screen in 1920x1080 and a secondary in 1280x1024 and I want to say everything go well …

I went with 3 screens: a principal in 3840x2160 then a secondary in 1920x1080 and finally a tertiary in 1280x1024 and I have a problem … the sketchup pallets that I put on the secondary are like magnified and especially they are not stable they leave, when we move them they are offset with respect to the mouse cursor …

Is there anything you think is to be done? thank you in advance !


jusqu’à présent j’avais un écran principal en 1920x1080 et un secondaire en 1280x1024 et j’ai envie de dire tout aller bien…

je suis passé avec 3 écrans : un principal en 3840x2160 puis un secondaire en 1920x1080 et enfin un tertiaire en 1280x1024 et j’ai un problème … les palettes sketchup que je met sur le secondaire sont comme grossies et surtout elles ne sont pas stables elles partent, quand on les déplace elles sont décalées par rapport au curseur de la souris…

y a t il selon vous quelque chose à faire ? par avance merci !

My experience with multiple monitors was the best when all monitors had the same or close to the same screen resolution. Moving the tool bars was problematic at times. Finally I purchased a 32" monitor.

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Check the display scaling for the secondary display.

Right-click the desktop and choose … Display Settings
Click the display icon you wish to edit.
Scroll down to Scale and layout.

SketchUp supports only up to 150% scaling.

Windows often will try to set 125% scaling. I set mine back down to 100%.

thank you both of you i’ll see this;)